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15 May 2021

  Song mood: Walk by the Foo Fighters.   They’re on my list of bands that I want to see when bands start touring again.   Them and U2. Sometimes I get in this moods where I don’t want to be around people.  Dogs are okay, or actually, way better than okay.  But I went to a baptism of one of my cousin’s children.  I made small talk, listened to others, laughed to other people’s jokes.  Eventually, I felt better.  I told myself, that I didn’t tell anyone I was having a bad day, smiled a bit, no one would know.  I’m glad that I make myself do things when I’m in these moods.  It gave me more family time, and that is a good thing. I went through my Instagram feed, saw a few posts from my friends and cheered up.  Now, I mostly tired and hungry.  It’s tough cutting out my snacks. I decided that I will probably go as Peter Parker for Free Comic Book Day.  That way I can take my camera and take pictures.  I’ll ask my photographer friend what he does so I can get some interesting pictures.
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13 May 2021

  Song mood: Times Like These by the Foo Fighters. Tonight, I got some writing done.  The next scene for my serial fantasy novel.  Probably not what I wanted to write, but it was something. Tomorrow I will do a quick edit. I wanted to write a scene about Phoebe, Inspector Trevor’s future wife.  I am hoping that my fictional character will get me through until I am able to find a woman who can see me.  So Phoebe is going to be fun, light hearted and kind.  I’m going to tweak scene.  Where she’s at the crime scene, Inspector Trevor comes on scene and she’s waving her hands saying yoohoo.  And the detective is shaking his head.  Then he tries to get past before any of his men see him, because he has a reputation of a hard nosed copper to keep.  And he fails, she talks to him like he’s a good dog and his men laugh at him. My uncle is coming to town this weekend.  And if it weren’t for that, I would have made a small trip to KC.  I would have made my own little writer’s retreat where I

12 May 2021

  Song mood: Thunderstruck by AC/DC. I think about this song and think about the Thor book that I want to write. I am all kinds of tired, second day in a row. I know at some point, I will get a decent night’s sleep. But not now and probably not soon. I keep to myself at the moment as I’m likely to throw Deadpool like insults and really mean what I say. My headache is still bad even after taking Tylenol. I want to take more pills, but don’t. It is taking me forever to even write this blog post. I ran today, the first time in like forever. It was only for three miles. I walked a mile after that. I have been cutting out snacks. So I eat less and if I wake up early, that’s okay. Once I lose weight and am weight 168, I will be happier with myself. In my musings last night, I rediscovered my core self. My core self is rooted in self improvement. That it is my essential self. To improve myself and others. It has been tougher to do that during the pandemic. Well, improving others, I’m no

11 May 2021

  Song mood: Move Along by The All American Rejects. I am all kinds of tired for various reasons. And because I’m really tired, I probably won’t do anything creative, except write this post. When I’m tired and beyond thinking, it’s best to read a Maigret novel and some writing craft books and hope that tomorrow will be a more rested day. It frustrates me to push off doing a project until tomorrow. I will watch some Tai Chi videos knowing that I will need to watch them again to get the concept they are teaching. I still have the covid taste. It’s a taste that I get when I get the shot and when I was infected with covid. It is more noticeable when I eat oranges. It kind of tastes like the food has rotted a bit. Last weekend’s trip took a little out of me. My knee hurts, my hips, back and shoulders hurt. Though each day is a little better. Tai Chi helps. It isn’t so much that I’m tired, but I’m weary and despondent. And I’m not sure if I want my spirits raised. I can’t believe it’s

7 May 2021

  Song mood: Alone by Heart. I'm at my Mum's apartment. I decided to drive up to Fargo to hang out with her and my sister. The drive took a lot out of me. My hips, shoulders and knees hurt. I didn't exercise as much this week and I can feel it now. So I'm going to work on Tai Chi when I get back. More than ever I need to return to the world of martial arts. The two biggest things after the second shot are joint pain and headaches. After that is my shortness of breath. This next week I will need to exercise and improve my health. For my writing, I will focus on doing. Just doing the thing I know how to do, write a scene. I will work on prewriting, writing scenes and editing.  For the scene that I wrote yesterday and posted on my other website, there were things that I wanted to change like word repetitions but had stuff to do in preparation for this trip. So it was a lesson in learning to live with imperfections. I may go back and do slight edits for the ebook and

Revenge of the Fifth

  Song mood: Vertigo by U2. Yesterday, I got my second shot. It wasn’t as bad as the first, but still was terrible. I had some joint pain and still do. The amount of abdominal pain was far less with this shot than the first. All this, is by far less than when I did have covid. I had abdominal pain and joint pain for weeks after. Sometimes I just need to reboot. The process seems to be taking longer, but probably a shorter time than before. I think I figured out a path for my writing to follow. The key is to set a system of prewriting that is agreeable to me.  I think if there is an outline to be done, it should only take about twenty minutes. Basically writing down a summary of what you are going to write. From there you write from within the character’s mind. And then maybe write a sentence or paragraph summary of what you are going to write before you write it. You just want a quick overview of what the story is going to be. The longer I spend on this process, the less time I h

May Day

  Song mood: Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse. Which is my favorite song of all time. I have seen the band twice in concert. There is something about the bass line. In addition with the lyrics. This song, like many of their songs describe me. This is a band that loves music. The song was in the top ten for 37 weeks, but was #1 for only a week. With as much fame as they had, they could have done only stadium concerts. They also did small venue concerts like county fairs and bingo halls. That is dedication. To be so dedicated to your art that you would do anything and everything. That’s how you know that they really love music. Hanging by a Moment is a love song, like the coolest love song ever. I feel a certain type of love and it scares me. But Hanging by a Moment describes how I feel. When I write stories, I write characters that are their own people. So any female character won’t be someone I know but someone of their own person. But I want that character to be someone I could