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19 October 2021

  Song mood: Just like Heaven by the Cure. The no bones day pug is super cute. There I said something was cute. I would love to have a pug. They are a breed of dogs that have moderate to low amounts of anxiety. They’re okay with being left alone. Or, at least, the ones I’ve been in contact with have. A bit tired today. A bit in a sour mood because I’m tired. Wrote three lines in my mystery last night. I didn’t like them. But that was a good thing, because I thought of something I did like. I will need to do a little bit more planning. This time, I will need to make a detailed timeline for the story. I plan on starting in the middle. My new phone came. The transfer of data was amazing. Once it was done, the phone was more or less a clone of the last. Everything was in the same place as it was in the last phone. Though, I was a bit disappointed that there were no headphones that came with the phone. And, there was no charger. I was surprised on how the screen resolution on the n
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Travel Writing

This morning, while I was on my walk, I remembered a project that I was going to do. I was listening to The October Country by Ray Bradbury when the idea struck me. The short story in this collection was The Wind . One of the characters of that story was a travel writer. The moment, the narator mentioned it, everything sort of clicked. I had been working on a project before life got all messy with COVID and stuff. And the project was a travel book about London and Paris. I already started the project and posted on the website. Though, I have very fond memories of that trip, it was horrifying trip. The scariest part of the trip happened the first night.  What happened was, the owner of the bed and breakfast I had booked for half the trip told me that he no longer does the bed and breakfast. I walked through the rough streets of Islington looking for a place to stay that night. I found a hotel, but because it was same day booking, it cost 150 quid. While there, someone pointed me to Tra

16 October 2021

  Song mood: I Melt with You by Modern English. I’m thinking of a movie called Whatever It Takes , where the protagonist plays the song on his accordion to the damsel next door. I did Tai Chi right away, before I did my Saturday thing. I think I should be doing it in the morning, just for the main reason that it’s done and out of the way. Anyway. I’m currently watching Picnic at Hanging Rock with Natalie Dormer. It’s a bit longer than I was expecting. I was thinking it would be three episodes and it turns out to be six. It’s a change of scenery. I plotted out my story. I have a cast of characters. I’m reading A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie by Kathryn Harkup. She goes through all the poisons used in the Agatha Christie books. What the effects are, and more importantly, what the antidote is for each one, if there is one. Now, I just have to write. I need to finish writing it by the end of the year. No pressure right? I think I need to write a letter to someone

14 October 2021

  Song mood: Africa by Toto. I figured out my mystery novel. Or the basics, I have yet to name the characters. I know the back stories of three characters. The protagonist is a freelance photographer. His wife is a mystery writer from England. He’s kind of famous as a photographer, but hardly anyone knows his name. She’s famous where everyone does know her name. I like that idea in a couple, where you have two people who are good at what they do, but the wife has far more recognition for what she does. Anyway. The book will be in two parts. Where the first part is the mystery. Then the second part is the thriller. In this part, the identity of the killer is known and now they are trying to get away. I’m thinking that the ending sequence happens on this one trail I heard about while living in Seattle. If you go on the trail during low tide, you’re fine. If you go on the trail during high tide, you’re taking a risk because once the tide is in, parts of the trail is underwater for

12 October 2021

  Song mood: You and Me by Lifehouse. Tomorrow is going to be rough. I decided that caffeine is the enemy. So tomorrow, I will reduce the amount of coffee that I drink. And in it’s place will be tea. I think caffeine boasts my anxiety, so I will reduce the amount that I consume. Only when I do that, the headaches begin. One time I quit drinking coffee altogether and had a headache for six days straight. I’m halfway through The October Country by Ray Bradbury. Once that is done, I think I will re-listen to Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. It’s one of my favorites. Part fantasy, part mystery and part horror all rolled into one. Gideon has to be one of the funniest character ever and yet pulls on the heart strings towards the end. That will get through to November. Then, I’m going to switch things up a little. Sometimes I like to take a break from myself so to speak. So, after Gideon, I will listen to Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Also in this effort to take a break from myself, I


 I'm in the process of deep cleaning my room. I rearranged the room because I thought I was going to have more space with the new arrangement, but I don't. Only now, my back hurts, so I don't want to put everything back to the way it was before.

Middle Names

 I have two middle names. My first one is Avli, which is my Eskimo name. Whenever I'm in Alaska, this is the name I'm addressed as. I was named after my grandfather. My second middle name is Evans. Both grandfathers were Evans. On my father's side: Evans Arthur. On my mother's side Evans Avli. It was a weird coincidence that my grandfathers, who were thousands of miles apart were both given the same name.  Anyway, that is the short history of me through my middle names.