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More of the Process

This current project will need beta readers.  Beta readers speed up the project.  If you get enough people read it and tell what they really think, then you can use their feedback to help in the next editing process.  
Writers groups are good for that as well.  I think that reading short stories at the writer’s group is far more efficient to hone the craft of writing.  If you are looking for feedback on a novel, it would take a long time to finish the project if you are only reading five pages at a time, which is what most writer’s groups do.
Most beta readers will read the story in one go and give you feedback afterwards.  I’m not saying either beta readers or writer’s groups are better, one needs to determine what is best for them.  For me, I think beta readers are the way to go for novels and writer’s groups are best for short stories and honing the craft of writing.
Short stories are quick and to the point.  Novels take time to build up characters and set up the conflict of the story.  Short stories are far more kind to the listeners of the writer’s groups.  From time to time you have writer’s whose scenes are the same thing over and over and they don’t realize that.  And they receive the same critiques and yet they do the same thing over and over.
With my current project, I know there is a lot of back story.  Something that is frowned upon.  So I’m not going to subject my writer’s group with this story that will be confusing at first.  I’m not going to continuously bring a story that breaks the rule of backstory knowing what the criticism will be.  And I am also aware that the story won’t sell many copies.  But then I don’t really sell many copies of anything.  
It’s like that card game when you have three good cards and two really okay cards.  You aren’t confident on the hand so you don’t call, then you try to get rid of the really okay cards and then take the last three tricks.  

Anyway, I will need to find beta readers at some point.