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The Process 29 November 2019

I’m sitting in a Starbucks, waiting for a tire to be replaced.  I have had a string of unlucky events.  Well, not so unlucky.  I try to skate by and so I go to Walmart to replace tires and when one goes out, well, that was to be expected.  Next year, I’ll work on having an existence where I’m not trying to just get by.  So what does that have to do with the project?  
Well, the frame of mind I have now will be the guiding force in the editing process of the project.  As I go through the story, I will look for places to make other characters hate my protagonist.  So that when he does his thing, it becomes more tragic?  I’m not sure tragic is the word.  Even though I didn’t actually finish the rough draft, it’s really done enough.  The last few scenes can easily be written as I know what needs to be written and it’s just a few pages anyways.  Enough time has past as I can really start the editing process, a month has actually passed since I stopped writing the project.  I have given up on certain ideas about writing.  Like it doesn’t have to be what other people say it is and it doesn’t have to be what I say it is.  It just needs to be a story and I’m writing it.  Rules are guidelines not absolutes.  First you need to know the guidelines, next you need to trust yourself and the guiding force within you.
So the process so far, I blog things to get myself back into the habit of writing.  I outline to a certain extent, but don’t outline an ending.  I write the story and as I write the story ideas pop into my head to help me make more sense of the story that I have laid out.  The story changes based off of the new thoughts.  As I write I get more ideas, soon the story is something different from what I thought and it has a life of its own.  I write down the new changes and the ideas for the next story.  I continue writing.  

This blog post is semi personal, which is not what I wanted.  I really don’t want this blog to be personal where people know what’s bothering me.  I will set up a prive journal website for that.  But writing is a personal process.  On this blog, I get to choose what I share.  So this is where I’m at on the project.  I’m blogging because it’s tougher to work on the story at Starbucks.