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The Process 30 November 2019

Tonight I watched Thor.  I’ve been meaning to watch it for ideas for the fight scene in my novella.  A project that changed quite a bit.
The premise of the story was about a guy who freaks out about an underaged witch, so he casts a spell to be forgotten.  The most original scene of the whole project was the ‘it’s your fault’ scene.  A game that I would play with my cousin’s daughter.  It’s your fault that the milk has gone sour.  A game where we would make up stories about why something was the other person’s fault.  It’s your fault that you body-slammed your best friend into the curtain and now the curtain rail is all bent.  I never really learned why the curtain rail was actually bent because I liked the body-slamming the best friend story.
But the story changed.  I went from they are fighting an incubus to the wood witch idea.  The whole original idea just didn’t have much conflict besides an age difference and a really posh guy worried what other people will think about him and a younger woman.  Maybe when I’m sixty I’ll take the premise of the story and write a new story.
When I was in England, I came up with what I wanted for the sequel of the story that I’m writing now.  It will be a different story and so the characters have changed.  The sequel will have little to no back story as most of that was in the first story.  The story will happen at King’s Cross station.  For that story, I would be mostly interested in researching the god of chaos.  Also with the god of chaos is the shadows.  The shadows would have to be older than the Aesir as when there was light, there was also shadow.  And with that idea, I have to re-write a scene in the current project that opens up the whole shadow ideas for the second project.
So, finishing this project sets up the next project that has little backstory.  The story starts and doesn’t need the backstory because that has already been set up.
Tonight, I didn’t get to my ghost story, but I’m okay with that.  I will get that written this week and then start the whole editing and rewriting process.  I’ll probably write a couple of scenes for the next project just so I know how I want to rewrite certain scenes.  

Then, I will leave it up to the beta readers if Jack should marry Lauren the elder or Luna the younger.  Something I’m trying not to have an opinion about.  But a beta reader can say, well, because of these scenes, we feel that so and so should be the bride.