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13 December 2019

Just a quick note before the weekend, although I know that it has already started.  It’s been a weird week, or something like that.
Fist off, my friend who I work with, who I got a job with the company he works for went to the writer’s group Christmas party.  He had been telling me that he had a cyst on his pancreas, what he told everyone was that he has stage 4 cancer.  I didn’t sleep well that night.  I was upset, I cried.  A part of this threw me back to the days of my father.  For the year before my father died, I would only sleep between an hour to four hours a night because I was so upset.  And I would cry most of those nights.
My friend told me next year he will go to England.  He liked my stories and my pictures of my trip and decided he was going to make the trip.  He was asking me about London, his plans aren’t to go to London.  I don’t know if he wanted me to come with him, which I would.  Although I want to go two years from now, when I have had the chance to save up some money.  Four more payments and the car will be paid off.  I just put away the money I would have for the payment and within a year, I would have more than enough to go and really enjoy myself.  But we’ll see.
So my world was turned upside down for a bit.
I’m going to send my friend an email about story ideas, what I’m talking about now.  All of the ideas that I write on this blog.  The ideas that I tell people.  Everything that I learned from earning a bachelor’s in creative writing.  Everything I learned from being around other writers is not new.  Aso, I just hit a larger repetitive thought pattern again and it kind of scares me.  I have smaller repetitive thought patterns, those I know and kind of understand, but that’s a different story.  So this imitation thing that I have been talking about, I came across when I met that one writer at her seminar when she visited campus.  I graduated in 2006.  So the idea is not new, not new at all.
The idea that has been running through my mind this morning is to work on the single focus story.  That is the issue of what I write is the lack of a single focus.  I outline and then while I’m writing, I’m trying to make sense of the the story I was trying to force the previous ideal to conform to.  My focus leaves and the story ballons into something else and adds monsters and Thor or the power of Thor and Odin.

The use of imitation will help me with the single focus story.  Which is why I need to fight myself and do the imitation.  Then idea struck me, I can take the main part of the unfinished short story or novella and make that the main part or the strongest scenes into a novella.  Then I take the book I want to imitate and use that write a story that leads up to main scenes that are now the finally.  If I can only do this, then I would be able to make a half dozen short stories into novellas.  It’s just a thought.  I just need to make the thought into action.


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11 March 2020

Song Mood: Funky Town by Lipps Inc.  As a strange thing happened as I was walking around Wally-world for no reason.  That song had been playing on the radio.  One of the workers of the store was singing the song, after it had played and then I sang it while I was looking for stuff.  Other shoppers were singing it after I passed them.  It was like a chain Funky Town performance in a store.
I am super tired as I am always during this time of the year tired.  Today, I felt a lot of pain in my back and sides, kind of like where my gallbladder used to be.  I stopped eating fried foods a little over a week ago.  Who knows.
I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but something needs to change.  Tomorrow needs to be a new day.
I went to the writer’s group tonight, not that many since the facilitator wasn’t there.
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14 March 2020

It’s been a long day.  I woke up at 4:30am, hungry.
I went to Walmart to do the weekly grocery shopping.  I went to the lake.  I didn’t go out really.  Tomorrow will much of the same.
I didn’t get much of anything done, except for getting groceries and exercise.
I did watch The Pale Horse, a movie on Prime based off of Agatha Christie’s novel by the same name.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I haven’t read the novel and at this time I’m not sure I would have time, or it would be down the list by a lot.  I was most impressed with the wife in this little mini series that was the length of a movie.  The way she knifed a pillow, just gave me the chills.  And I thought that if I ever married Agatha Christie, I would sleep with one eye open.  She plotted out thousands of deaths within the hundreds of books she published.  I have a feeling that if I were married to her, she would have me on a leash and I would be happy because I would actually learn how to write mysteries.  Rufus Sewell has to b…