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28 December 2019

I talked myself out of going to a local bar.  I really need companionship, I need someone to talk with.  But going to a bar, I wouldn’t be able talk with people unless they talked with me.  And so going to the bar would the same as any bar I would have gone to in the last four years.  Four years ago, I had friends who would hang out with me, who really wanted to.  
I had to tell myself tonight, that things are never going to be the same as they were.  No one is interested in hanging out with me, because if they were, they were send message to see if I wanted to do something with them.  As you can see by now, I’m working myself up to New Year’s Eve.  The two nights that it bothers me most to be alone is New Year’s Eve and my birthday.  With that said….
Friday, I did an exercise in writing, actually two in one stone.  In the ebook How to Write a Novella in 24 Hours, one suggestion was to write on your phone, that if you could get past the typing with your thumbs, that it would actually be practical.  So I tried it yesterday along with my idea of imitation.  I am using M.R. James’ Oh Whistle and I’ll Come for You Lad as the tool for my ghost story.  Both ideas worked.
I talked with my friend who used to be a photographer for the Omaha World Herald.  We talked about the specifics of using infrared film versus getting your digital camera modified to shoot pictures with infrared settings.  He gave me a camera strap and will be giving me the little things that attaches the strap to the camera.  The reason I didn’t use my camera and used my phone was because I didn’t want to carry my camera in the pocket of my jumper.  With the little snaps and the camera strap, I’ll be able to keep the camera within reach when I need it without putting it in a pocket.  We also talked about other writer things.
I visited my writer friend who has cancer for a couple hours yesterday.  We talked about future projects and his trip to England next year.
I’m currently looking into the ProWritingAid software.  So far, it looks like it will help my writing, so I will purchase a year’s subscription.  It’s an editing software that checks your manuscript for different things.  I put 7,000 words of my novella rough draft and it found 174 different issues like grammar, spelling and style issues.  It has a section that checks for repetition.  It can run up to 8 different reports to help with writer with style.  So far, I’m liking the trail software.
My new drone came.  This one has three speeds, the lowest settings are perfect for beginners.  I’m really liking the drone.  It has a removable battery, so I’m getting a couple more batteries.  It’s made by the same company of the drone I want to get in the future that has a 12 megapixel camera.  Someone said that a person could make $500-$600 a week taking pictures and videos for real estate agents.

So counting down the new year.  Tomorrow is my usually day to hang out with cousins.  Monday I will do some writing and maybe fly my drone.  Maybe I’ll watch a movie.  New Year’s Eve I’m nearly tempted to make a mini trip to Minneapolis and not tell anyone.  Who knows, I’ll probably just hang out in Omaha watch movies all day.


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