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23 January 2020

Song mood: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba, for some reason that song popped into my head for the last couple of days.  I used to play this on the jukebox a lot.  One of my friends gave me the CD the song is on: Tubthumper.

One more week of writing haiku based off of fairy tales.  For each of the poem I have read a fairy tale and tried write something with the feeling I got.  Most of the time I would spend between half an hour to hour either reading or writing the poem.  Which in turn digs into my project time, which may or may not happen because the longer it takes me to write the poem, the less likely I will work on my project.  The poems were an exercise and my projects should have precedence.  The interesting thing about the fairy tales is that reading the Grimm brothers or Hans Anderson, the tales take on a different light.  It would be interesting to write a story using the ideas presented in the stories.  That is what I get out of doing this exercise.

So this weekend, I need to get some writing done for sure.  I have to work on getting this project done and then que-ing up the other projects.  The next project will be The Hound, the story of Edgar Townsend.  A short story that I wrote, will become the ending of a novella.  Then after that the story of Edgar and the Marquis de Avery a.k.a Milo de Ford in where the solution to both of their problems is within a key.  I’m not sure what comes after that, but sometime I will need to site down and brainstorm which stories will be told and why.

I finished listening to The Nightjar by Debbie Hewitt.  It was okay.  It was a bit disjointed.  There would be times where I would say, huh, where’d that come from, or I’m missing something.  There were multiple story ideas at the end of the book that could have been turned into another book.  There were many story ideas and then the author tie things up with a simple explanation or something.  And so there would be this big climatic ending and then the story would twist into another big climatic ending.

It is late and I just want to sleep.  So we will see what tomorrow brings.


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Song Mood: We Built This City by Starship a.k.a. Jefferson Starship a.k.a. Jefferson Airplane.  I think of this as a time of building.  I’m building my writing career and though it may not be profitable, it’s really about the story.  So I’m building this city, erm, okay I’m building the fictional world.
I felt rather blah today, and that’s okay, it’s winter and I just never feel well during winter.  I feel mildly okay during summer but will complain that it’s hot.  In Autumn I’ll feel that life’s good and then sometime in November, wham I feel like crap again.
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