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31 January 2020

Song mood: Video Killed the Radio Star by Buggles.  I think a most appropriate song for my mood.  Nothing bad, nothing really bad.  I find myself to be rather antiquated.  I shave, when I do shave, with a safety razor and I drive a stick shift.  Although I print, old habit of a drafter as Autocad began to be en vogue, instead of write with all its loops, and if that makes me a bad person, I’m okay with that.

I saw a friend from my college days, he was tugging his two boys in the mall.  It made me think of my last college days, the ones I’m more fond of.  I haven’t seen my best friend from college in about six months now, and I’m a little sad about that.  This friend that I spoke to tonight, my best friend and I used to hang out and have philosophical discussions and I would listen to the other two speak in Japanese as my Japanese was never quite good enough.
I remember being in the cafeteria and this guy told me that he wrote this short story about a Japanese guy.  The guy worked for a company and like all other Japanese people had to conform to the people around him.  One day the guy decided to get a haircut that was different.  He went to work and was ridiculed for doing something different.  So the guy completed suicide by throwing himself against a train.  I asked the friend about the story a few years ago and he said he never wrote such a story.  But I remember him telling me about this story.  But I don’t argue because there is no sense in arguing on something that was very trivial.

Tomorrow I will write.  I won’t project how much I will write.  So I’m hoping to be productive.  I will work on my project and then maybe a poem.  I’ll probably walk around in the mall for exercise and torture myself and walk past the boots I so want to buy.  I think they maybe the perfect boot for the moment.  Black combat boots by Dr. Martens that are stylish and hopefully comfortable while walking 5 to 10 miles a day.

I think at some point I will cosplay the 13th Doctor.  I just need to buy a brown apron, goggles and her sonic screwdriver.  And at the time of dressing up, bleach my hair.  To be dyed purple or red afterwards.

I think tomorrow I should start writing the fight scene because that is going to be confusing.  Fighting with abilities is difficult to write and make it understandable.  Once I have that scene finished, then I can work out what the characters do to get to that point.

For the poems, I think I will start writing one about Hugin and Munin.  Then one about Yggdrasil.  Who knows what I will be able to do tomorrow, but I must try.


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9 February 2020

Song Mood: We Built This City by Starship a.k.a. Jefferson Starship a.k.a. Jefferson Airplane.  I think of this as a time of building.  I’m building my writing career and though it may not be profitable, it’s really about the story.  So I’m building this city, erm, okay I’m building the fictional world.
I felt rather blah today, and that’s okay, it’s winter and I just never feel well during winter.  I feel mildly okay during summer but will complain that it’s hot.  In Autumn I’ll feel that life’s good and then sometime in November, wham I feel like crap again.
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