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4 January 2020

It has been a successful writing day.  I wrote 2,100 words today.  In the past I was able to write 6,000 words in a day.  But when I did that, I was sore, stiff and the story had no direction.  What I wrote today had direction and it kept to the single focus idea.  Two people with gifts are hunted down by another person with gifts.  One of the people being hunted down is just beginning to use his gift.
I wrote at a coffee shop until I heard some trigger words or phrases from the table next to me which indicated that I should leave the coffee shop as soon as possible.  I have a series of trigger words for all sorts of things.  
What I heard from the table of four was Tracey one does… Tracey two does… Tracey three does… One person did all the talking.  One person was being talked to and the other two just smiled and nodded to what the first person was saying.  Call them Mormons, call them the Non-Demonational Church of Christ, call them Jehova’s Witnesses, the cultish churches that I have come across over the years.  Not so much lately because I am more of a recluse than I used to be and triggers words indicate when to leave a situation.  The younger me would argue, the older me knows that people with agendas will not stop until they got what they wanted and that it’s best just to leave.
So the meeting was set up and there was three against one, if the one would ever see it that way.  They like to prey on those who are having a tough time.  Their speech clearly has an agenda.  No good Anglican or Catholic would speak to others in such a way, they wouldn’t try to make others think exactly like them.
Well, anyways, the people at that table gave me the creeps.  The women at the other table were far more interesting and less ‘I’m going to take over your though process until you think and act exactly like me’ type people.  One said, who are you setting me up with.  The other girl responded and the other two went over the guy’s good qualities.  I was thinking, why can’t I be ‘the guy’ some girls talk about setting another girl up with at a coffee shop.
So from the coffee shop I went to the library, where it really was quiet.
Now I’m looking into buying noise cancelling earmuffs.  I should have looked into buying them earlier.  The only thing is they cannot produce complete silence and would be difficult to sleep with on.  Not I am around people who blair their music loudly all hours of the night any more.
I don’t like loud sounds or bright lights.  That along with repetitive thought patterns and a love for numbers and math made me think that there may be a chance that I might be slightly autistic.
Some people may say, you like to go to concerts.  Yes, concerts are different because they are like controlled environments.  Because it’s at a certain expected moment at a certain expected space.  Mind you I don’t go to heavy metal or any kind of ‘metal’ concerts and prefer jazz, rock music and 80’s music.
I think Neil Gaiman’s portrayal of the Beowulf monster in The Monarch of the Glen showed that he has an understanding of autism.

Well, that is me for the moment.  Writing was good.  Now I’ll probably read from the books I got for Christmas, watch a Grantchester rerun and go to bed.


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