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5 January 2020 Aggregators

Super tired today.  Due to a puppy and its owner, I was up till like 3am.  Anyway.  I didn’t get any writing done today, but I’m okay with that.
I did however looked into other possibilities for self-publishing.  It all starts with I published some things under the biggest retailer of all.  I copied part of a review on a book for my website.  Within six hours of me using the little bit as a blurp, the review was taken down.  Not only was the review taken down, but the review written by a known associate of the person who wrote the first review was also taken down.  This publisher/retailer is always saying that they don’t want to rip off the public by people having their friends write review for the authors, or something like that.  More or less every author out there has a friend or two write a review for them.  The whole thing wasn’t fair.  For that book I may have two reviews for it.  Hardly anyone leaves a review for me.  So how justified is it to half of the only reviews that book ever got.
Just like in social media, hardly anyone likes my posts.  Or hardly anyone sees my posts no matter how many hashtags I have on them.  It’s called shadow banning.  Where the social media control how well your posts are seen.  And God forbid that you have a separate IG to promote yourself as a writer.  Anyway, it’s a sore subject.
So this gets me thinking, well what do you do if the retailer you go through to publish stuff takes down half of the reviews you will ever get?  Well, I did some research and found this article about self-publishing.  I learned something about aggregators.  They charge a small fee for formatting, but unlike a single retailer, your book is available for multiple retailers.
I signed up with IngramSpark.  They charge a fifty dollar formatting fee for your book.  Then only thing is, you have to buy your own ISBN.  The retailer I went through before gave out the ISBN number, but then you go exclusively through them.  Where as with an aggregator you own your own ISBN and your book is available at multiple places.  Like IngramSpark works with Amazon, Barnes-n-Noble, Kobo and many other retailers.
The only thing is, ISBNs cost a little money.  Through Bowker, one ISBN costs $125 or $295 for ten.  The thing with ISBNs, is that you need a different ISBN for each format you plan to use with your book.  I plan on an ebook format and for a paperback, that would be two per book.

So I think I will take a hit and buy out the ten ISBNs right away.  Two ISBNs for each book, that would be five books.  More than enough for this year.  It’s just I’m afraid that it’s a losing venture.  I can’t get others to believe in me, so how likely will people at other retailers buy the book.  But we’ll see.  Maybe with more retailers, the books might sell better.  Who knows.  Well, anyway, this is what I’m looking into.


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