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1 February 2020 Today's Recap

Quick recap of today.  I wrote 2000 words.  My goal still remains 3000 words on Saturdays.  But I’m making good progress.  The last 300 words may be cut but gave me ideas of what to write.  I’m at 7,300 words and the goal is to get to 36,000 words.
I didn’t write the end sequence.  I wrote some confusing scenes as I was trying to describe a couple of characters using their sonar abilities.  There was exposition.  In Sci-Fi there is going to be a fair amount of exposition.  Even with the Hugo award winning writers.  Sometimes you need to tell to do some world building and ground the reader.  It’s how you go about it.  Most of my favorite authors do a lot of telling.  Neil Gaiman, John le Carré.  Many Sci-Fi writers do have ‘was’ in their sentences.  Does it really diminish the story, in my opinion: no.  I enjoy reading Neil Gaiman.  I enjoy reading Paul Cornell.  I enjoy reading Seanan McGuire.  And if they read their material at a writing school or a writer’s workshop or a critique group, their work would be torn apart if no one knew who they are.  And yet they are published and loved.  So what I’m saying is, know the rules and then write story the way you want to present it.
I walked 17,300 steps today.  I bought new boots.  I finished listening to Agent Running in the Field.  I enjoyed it.  It got a lot of bad reviews because le Carré ‘trashed’ the president and Brexit.  More like spoke a truth about bad situation situations.  I started to watch Sabrina.

So tomorrow, I will try to get more done on my project.  I think once I get enough experience, the projects after will get a bit easier.  I think I like the idea of tent poling writing, where you write the important scenes first and then fill in the gaps.  So we’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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9 February 2020

Song Mood: We Built This City by Starship a.k.a. Jefferson Starship a.k.a. Jefferson Airplane.  I think of this as a time of building.  I’m building my writing career and though it may not be profitable, it’s really about the story.  So I’m building this city, erm, okay I’m building the fictional world.
I felt rather blah today, and that’s okay, it’s winter and I just never feel well during winter.  I feel mildly okay during summer but will complain that it’s hot.  In Autumn I’ll feel that life’s good and then sometime in November, wham I feel like crap again.
As I’m writing my novella this weekend, I added some scenes that won’t be explained until the sixth and final novella of the series.  It has something to do with time travel and a chronomancer.  Then I thought about what to do with the cover.  In all reality, I’ll need a graphic artist.  What I want mostly, for all my books, is something similar to the cover of The Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht.   To have someone…

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This current project will need beta readers.  Beta readers speed up the project.  If you get enough people read it and tell what they really think, then you can use their feedback to help in the next editing process.   Writers groups are good for that as well.  I think that reading short stories at the writer’s group is far more efficient to hone the craft of writing.  If you are looking for feedback on a novel, it would take a long time to finish the project if you are only reading five pages at a time, which is what most writer’s groups do. Most beta readers will read the story in one go and give you feedback afterwards.  I’m not saying either beta readers or writer’s groups are better, one needs to determine what is best for them.  For me, I think beta readers are the way to go for novels and writer’s groups are best for short stories and honing the craft of writing. Short stories are quick and to the point.  Novels take time to build up characters and set up the conflict of the s…

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It’s been a blah kind of day as I’m sick.  If a person looked at me, they probably wouldn’t see that I was sick, well maybe now they would because I’m feeling a bit warm.  Anyway, I went home early and took a nap.  I went to the cigar shop to buy cigars for later.  Then I went to Walmart to get snacks.  It’…