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7 February 2020

Song Mood: I Melt with You by Modern English.  There was this cool scene in the romcom Whatever it Takes where the guy plays this song on the accordion to the girl in the apartment building across the street.  Then plays it again in front of everybody after he proclaimed his love for her.

Snippets.  I think I will try to work snippets in my blog.  These posts already work with the idea of snippets.  I put in a drop down when I change ideas.  I chronicle the day or week with things that happen.  But drop down when the blog post goes on a different idea that I thought of that day.  But I will try to do individual snippets for blog posts as well.  So if in the near distant future that I may want to present a personal essay collection, it will be easier for me to chose and edit what I have already posted.  Sometimes the problem when writing these posts is that when I write them, I tend write more than I had originally thought I would write.  Anyway.

I decided that I would give probiotics a try.  Two principal ideas on this.  One: years ago I was diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency.  I had to take Vitamin D pills that were are 50,000 units every other day for two months.  Currently I take 5,000 units daily.  So a vitamin deficiency is an indication of malabsorption and malnutrition.  Probiotics would help fight against malabsorption.
Two: in the case that I may have an autoimmune disease like diabetes, lupus or pernicious anemia.  My bet is currently on Lupus.  Signs of an autoimmune disease is joint pain, fatigue, fever, achy muscles and trouble concentrating.  The problem with autoimmune diseases is that they are difficult to diagnose.  And with the majority of them having the same symtoms, there is no clear thing to look for.  It can take up to five years before one can be diagnosed.  So I may experience a lot of the symptoms on one level or another.  Until something major happens, and even then, it would be tough for doctors to figure out what is happening to me.  Malabsorption is something that happens with a handful autoimmune diseases.  So if probiotics helps with that, they may also help against an autoimmune disease.

Tomorrow will be my writing day.  I wrote a bit in my story last night and enjoyed it.  I enjoy writing Kurt Grey the Finder now that he is the villan.  Now that I don’t have the same backstory for him as I did before, he becomes more interesting.  I’m still working out what his powers are.  Like he has sonar and echo location.  Then I also giving him the ability to create an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse).  But what does an EMP actually do.  Can it actually send an object flying if it got struck by the EMP?
So, I am enjoying writing more, and that’s a good thing.  I looked at my list of projects to do next and I switched around two projects.  I think that the one with the chronomancer needs to be next to the one with the villan.  The Chronomancer helps Milo get home.  The first project, the one I’m writing, is the origin of Milo de Ford.  The second is an Edgar Townsend story.  Then until the final novel, the rest of the series is about Milo trying find his way home.  In each world he either finds something or learns something that helps him get home.  The chronomancer gives him the final piece.

I will forge on with my writing, but something needs to happen in my life.

Currently I am reading Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire.  Whatever I said I wasn’t going to do, I did.  I loved the first book in the Wayward Children series and went out and bought the second.  And now I’m reading it.  She tends to write a lot of exposition, but then peppers in a sentence or two of action.  I enjoy reading her stories.  I don’t care if there is telling.  I don’t care if there is a lot of exposition.  In the end it’s about a good story, voice and how you present the voice.


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9 February 2020

Song Mood: We Built This City by Starship a.k.a. Jefferson Starship a.k.a. Jefferson Airplane.  I think of this as a time of building.  I’m building my writing career and though it may not be profitable, it’s really about the story.  So I’m building this city, erm, okay I’m building the fictional world.
I felt rather blah today, and that’s okay, it’s winter and I just never feel well during winter.  I feel mildly okay during summer but will complain that it’s hot.  In Autumn I’ll feel that life’s good and then sometime in November, wham I feel like crap again.
As I’m writing my novella this weekend, I added some scenes that won’t be explained until the sixth and final novella of the series.  It has something to do with time travel and a chronomancer.  Then I thought about what to do with the cover.  In all reality, I’ll need a graphic artist.  What I want mostly, for all my books, is something similar to the cover of The Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht.   To have someone…

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This current project will need beta readers.  Beta readers speed up the project.  If you get enough people read it and tell what they really think, then you can use their feedback to help in the next editing process.   Writers groups are good for that as well.  I think that reading short stories at the writer’s group is far more efficient to hone the craft of writing.  If you are looking for feedback on a novel, it would take a long time to finish the project if you are only reading five pages at a time, which is what most writer’s groups do. Most beta readers will read the story in one go and give you feedback afterwards.  I’m not saying either beta readers or writer’s groups are better, one needs to determine what is best for them.  For me, I think beta readers are the way to go for novels and writer’s groups are best for short stories and honing the craft of writing. Short stories are quick and to the point.  Novels take time to build up characters and set up the conflict of the s…

10 January 2020 Sick... and the Need for Personal Messagers

Mood song: The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult and Possum Kinddom by the Toadies.  I’m not sure if they are my actual mood but they are a similar theme to the poem I’m writing.  The former song is about a girl being led to the reaper.  The later is about a girl being lured to Possum Kingdom lake in Texas by a cult member.  I’m not sure about the poem I’m writing as it is somewhat free verse, not my forte as I don’t quite understand poetry in that form.   I can understand my friend’s poetry in free verse as I can see the rhythm in the words and the imagery.  Maybe that is the key to understanding poetry is understanding rhythm and imagery.  The poem that I’m writing is about Persephone.
It’s been a blah kind of day as I’m sick.  If a person looked at me, they probably wouldn’t see that I was sick, well maybe now they would because I’m feeling a bit warm.  Anyway, I went home early and took a nap.  I went to the cigar shop to buy cigars for later.  Then I went to Walmart to get snacks.  It’…