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21 March 2020

Song Mood: Cake by the Ocean by DNCE.  For some odd reason when I’m craving cake, this song plays in my head.  Though when I go grocery shopping, I stock up on the staples but skimp out on the non-essentials.

Got at least eight hours of sleep last night and actually slept to almost 7:30am.  But the days following the lack of sleep night, are just like hangovers.  I’m just really sleepy the whole day.  This would be the first day and tomorrow will be the second day in the aftermath and I’ll feel better tomorrow.  It’s one of the reasons why I don’t drink as much because hangovers can last two to three days and who really wants that?
On this thought, I can really feel sorry for the single parents.  When a couple has a kid, they can take shifts with the baby so the other one can get enough rest.  The night owl is in charge at night and the morning person is in charge in the morning.  Single parents might not be able to do that.

Today was a success in writing.  I was able to get in 2,000 words.  I alternated between scenes and so when I was having a tough time with one, I went to another.  I’m getting closer to finishing the first project.  I’m feeling better than I haven’t given up on it.  Today I was feeling the love.

Next up, picking a movie or deciding to continue with the Father Brown series.


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I am in the habit of buying Moleskine journals.  I think they are great.  However, I'm more of a typer than a writer.  And if I ever wrote in my Moleskines as much as I journaled on my computer and for my blogs, I would fill volumes.

11 March 2020

Song Mood: Funky Town by Lipps Inc.  As a strange thing happened as I was walking around Wally-world for no reason.  That song had been playing on the radio.  One of the workers of the store was singing the song, after it had played and then I sang it while I was looking for stuff.  Other shoppers were singing it after I passed them.  It was like a chain Funky Town performance in a store.
I am super tired as I am always during this time of the year tired.  Today, I felt a lot of pain in my back and sides, kind of like where my gallbladder used to be.  I stopped eating fried foods a little over a week ago.  Who knows.
I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but something needs to change.  Tomorrow needs to be a new day.
I went to the writer’s group tonight, not that many since the facilitator wasn’t there.
Tomorrow will be a day for taxes.  Then I will attempt to do some writing.  I came up with an idea for the project I’m working on.  Glum triggers Milo’s gift and in the process, M…

14 March 2020

It’s been a long day.  I woke up at 4:30am, hungry.
I went to Walmart to do the weekly grocery shopping.  I went to the lake.  I didn’t go out really.  Tomorrow will much of the same.
I didn’t get much of anything done, except for getting groceries and exercise.
I did watch The Pale Horse, a movie on Prime based off of Agatha Christie’s novel by the same name.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I haven’t read the novel and at this time I’m not sure I would have time, or it would be down the list by a lot.  I was most impressed with the wife in this little mini series that was the length of a movie.  The way she knifed a pillow, just gave me the chills.  And I thought that if I ever married Agatha Christie, I would sleep with one eye open.  She plotted out thousands of deaths within the hundreds of books she published.  I have a feeling that if I were married to her, she would have me on a leash and I would be happy because I would actually learn how to write mysteries.  Rufus Sewell has to b…