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'Cursed' by Jeremy C Shipp

I am currently reading Jeremy C Shipp’s Cursed.  It’s a good thing I read The Atrocities first otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered with this one.
It is:
1. Terrible
2. Overuses lists
3. Has really off the wall characters.

When I say it’s terrible, it’s necessarily bad, I didn’t enjoy it.  The narrator lists everything.  The first time I saw a list, I thought, yeah this cool, I like this literary device.  But then narrator mostly speaks in lists there after.  The repetition of lists is annoying, especially after a hundred pages of it.  If I didn’t like The Atrocities so much, I would have given up on it a long time ago.  
The other thing that I’m all together keen about is the off ball characters who feel they would fit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  And so that gets annoying as well.  I will continue reading Cursed but only because I liked the other book so much.