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Stargate (1994)

I just watched the original Stargate movie and I must say, it still holds up to the times.  It’s still a little cheesy, or really it’s a rather hokey.  But it’s not as cheesy as the original Star Wars.  Gasp.

I watched it to get a better idea of how I want to do my fourth book in the series that I’m working on.  If I get that far.  I don’t wan’t to say if it will or will not happen.

Ra, the antagonist is a bit effeminate.  I wish they would have spent more time showing his power.  But when I’m in the situation of writing the story, I’m pretty sure that I will glance over things as well.  C’est la vie.

I remember my father telling me that Kurt Russell’s salute wasn’t a proper military salute.  That was too easy to spot, really.

James Spader, back then looked like John Lennon.

I actually like the movie, after all these years.  I didn’t get into the TV show that followed because it was a thousand times more cheesy.