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30 June 2020

Song Mood: Ray of Light by Madonna.

The song popped into my head the other day.  I watched the video and thought, wow this is tough to watch.  It’s like ADHD on speed.  I had a hard time connecting with it.  But the song still plays in my head.

I’m heading to Fargo to visit my mum and sister unless my sister’s mad at me for no reason at all or for like being the oldest of siblings or something like that.  I don’t know if my favorite coffee shop will be open to hang out at, but at this moment, I don’t think I could just hang out at a coffee shop anyway.

The Canadian border is still closed unless you have immediate family or if it’s an emergency.  So that leaves out more travel plans.

I think any travel, besides going to see relatives will be like this: you find a hotel by a scenic area.  You go there, order take out.  Look at the scenery from the window.  Go to the park or beach or lake.  You go to the grocery store to get snacks and wine and or beer.  Go back to the hotel, order some more take out, this time it’s pizza.  Drink a beverage and watch what’s on cable.

So no coffee shop.  No using the wifi at the coffee shop.  Bad reception.

I will need to figure out when I will write.  Probably before I got to bed.  I will do my walks early in the morning.  Those are the only two tasks I will worry about.

I don’t know what got into me when I decided that the theme for the month of July was poets.  That eats up more time.  It takes time to read the poem.  Mull it over.  And then write.  I need to find something easier to make as a theme for my poems.

So far, the museums aren’t open yet and art is the theme for August.  I will think of something.

I think when I get back, I will try fasting among other things.  I need to regulate sugars and carbs.  Losing a few pounds and stuff like that so that I can manage my blood sugar.

I also want to look into a martial art.  I may take up Bagua (circle walking) and chi kung.  Push hands requires a partner.  When I first learned Shotokan karate, my Sensei would teach me these things because that was what I was studying before I joined.  My Sensei was a coworker.  I have pain in my joints so going back to karate may not be wise.  I may have to do the Chinese martial arts because they are more fluid, more like water.

I may also look into learning basic yoga.  I need to do something so that my joints don’t hurt as much because I sit all day.

I’m at least halfway through The Glass Hotel and I’m thinking it’s a little more literary to my liking.  So far it’s a biography of three characters with hints of what comes next.  I’m not sure what kind of horror the story is.  Like when I read Ruth Ware’s In a Dark, Dark Wood, halfway through I realized that it wasn’t going to be ghosts or creatures but one of the characters and with that there was a red herring.

The Glass Hotel is similar in structure.  It starts with the end, or very near the end.  We get a glimpse of what is going to happen.  Then the rest of the book leads us to that point.  It works well in Ware’s In a Dark, Dark Wood because they only go back a few days.  The Glass Hotel goes back a few decades.  I like Ware’s book better because it’s more to the point.

So, I’m going to give myself about a week or two to finish the second draft.  I will brainstorm the next book while I’m in Fargo.  And then I will start the second book and the editing for the first.  One trick I learned was to write on the notes side of my word processor all the words that I repeat.  So as I go through each section, I can pick up a thesaurus and change the words that I repeat.  I’ll also use Prowritingaid for grammar and spelling.  After that will be a read through or two.  Hopefully by August, I’ll get someone, or a few people to beta read.

I decided I probably won’t promote the first two books in the series much.  I know that I need to do promoting and marketing, but the first couple of books are what they are.  Once the third one is done, I’ll probably promote that a lot more, that’s the steampunk story.  Hopefully by then, my skills would have improved.

So much to do, so much to learn.  So many stories I want to write.


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