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Technology or More Specific Generic Design Programs

Today is one of those days that everything goes wrong.

So I’ve been working on formatting a poetry book for the last week.  Like a few minutes here and a few minutes there.  While I’m at the cigar shop talking with my mystery writer friend.  The way I have been tackling it was the same way I did the last one.  It was a bugger figuring out how to manipulate the software ie. Scrivener.  I did it the way I had to for the previous version.

The blessed thing about this, I’ve upgraded to the next version.  Once I compiled for print, or in this case for PDF, the pages were crunched together.  Not only that, but there are hashtags everywhere.  The page numbers aren’t on, or if they show up, it’s on top with my name next to it.

I tried to upload a photo that I want use on the cover.  Except the format of the photo isn’t within guidelines for Amazon.  The weird thing is, Preview (on Mac) won’t let me crop the picture like it used to.  I open it through GIMP (the freeware alternative to Photoshop) and try to manipulate the photo.  And yet when I try to upload the photo, it still isn’t acceptable.  The other thing is that GIMP doesn’t save to JPEG, it’s some other format.  I just rename the file to JPEG in hopes that it still works.

After a few attempts, I realize that moment I get frustrated is the moment I just need to stop.  Because there is something inside of me that tells me that I need to keep working on it until I can perfect it.  I would still be working on something that would make me even more frustrated the longer I spent on it and nothing would be accomplished.  So what I need to do is watch some videos on the things I’m having issues and learn how to manipulate the newer versions of my old programs.

My avoidance of learning how to design things is what leads up to these moments.  I just have to figure out how learn design in small little blocks.  I need to pencil in time to learn these things so I could do a simply poetry book.


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