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15 July 2020

Song mood: Live to Rise by Soundgarden.

So I’m at 24,500 words on the novella.  I thought maybe I could add another challenge in the labyrinth to hit 30,000 words.  I finished the fight scenes.  What I haven’t finished, a note to myself if anything, is how Milo and Marianne escape the statues.  I will finish that scene out and brainstorm on another challenge for them to face.

The fight scene I had between Milo and the facsimile of the Dark Prince was more of a physical fight.  I originally thought it would be more the Dark Prince trying to manipulate Milo’s mind but decided against it.  I’m looking for ways to pull out of the cerebral aspects of the story.

After the story is finished, I can start doing the different edits.  I don’t know what to do for the book cover.  Preferably I would like an artist to do the cover.  The question is how do I go about finding an artist?  I’ve met authors at conventions.  As a part of a study of them, I look at the books they put together and the artists that done their book covers.  Maybe I should be asking more self published authors questions.  The only problem with that is 95 times out of a hundred, the person would ever respond.  So I’m discouraged to reach out to anyone.

I think I should make a list of tasks to be done.  That way I can just switch tasks depending on energy level.  The list of taks would also dictate what I need to do next.  Editing. Brainstorming.  Generating names for future characters.

Nearly finished listening to Queen Victoria by Lucy Worsley.  I liked her before the biography and I really like her now.  Where most of the monarchy wore bright colors, she was always a bit goth compared to others.

Next up for reading: The Only Good Indians by Stephan Graham Jones via Audible.  In an Absent Dream by Seannan McGuire in hard cover.  Some random book on writing by Jason Scott Bell who shares the same birth date as I do.

I haven’t decided on what I am going to do on my birthday.  Do I get a fancy pizza, a french sandwich or BBQ?  Do I stay in town but get a motel or do I go to a city and get a motel close to the pizza place?  Museums are still closed so maybe something close to a nature trail.  I’m trying to avoid going to Portland as I would probably spend a bit more there.  For the plane, at least, and whatever nick knacks I would find.

Any I figure that I should do some planning this weekend so I know how much time to take off.  I should really do some planning this weekend for writing projects.  I should sit down and plan out what my diet and exercise will be for the next few months.  But as weekends go, I’ll probably binge watch a show and complain about how little writing I got done.


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