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16 July 2020

Song mood: Slide by Goo Goo Dolls.

Wrote a thousand words today.  No biggie.  I finished up the fight scenes.  I added a four hundred word mini scene that will probably make no sense now.  But in the fifth book, Milo and the Chronomancer send trackers in the past.  So that Milo can find his way home.  So I will probably throw in another challenge to the labyrinth.  Once I’m finished writing the challenge, I’ll start the first read over to see what transition scenes need to be written and then edit.

If I were going to name the book today, it might be In the Labyrinth of the Dark Pince or Within the Mindtrap of the Dark Prince.  I might even write a poem about the Dark Prince at the beginning.

I finished listening to Queen Victoria today.  At the end there was a Q and A with Lucy Worsley, which I enjoyed.  I love listening to her and watching her shows on Public Television.  She was a curator at Kensington Palace, which fueled her passion to write the book.  I always believe that the ideal woman to marry would either be a curator at a museum or a librarian.  But the librarian I picture is a woman dressed in fifties or sixties fashion with a polkadot scarf over her head and large plastic frame glasses.  Who tells you to be quiet from three miles away after your friend has asked you if they could look off your paper.

I started listening to The Only Good Indians.  It is just as promised a horror story.  The first section for me was tough.  Res life is usually harsh.  I never lived on a reservation nor a village in Alaska and I thank my lucky stars to have not.  Living conditions are rough, there is much bullying.  There is lots of heavy drinking and or drug use.

So I was a little worried about the book from the first section.  Then the second section had a different character.  One who had made it off the res took over the story.  I related to him a lot more.  The guilt he has for leaving the res and not quite being an Indian in his new life off the res.  But then I feel guilty for relating more to the second character who is off res than I do with the first who was drinking hard.  I feel guilty for turning posh.

Anyway.  I am enjoying the book now.

I think the next up on my docket will be Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

A few more hours of work tomorrow and then it’s weekend mode.  Which I will work on writing for three hours and probably get in an hour and a half.


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