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4 July 2020 My Trip

Tomorrow I head back to Omaha.  It's been a good trip.

   Today, I spent most of the day hanging out with my nephews.  The middle boy is 3 or 4 years old and likes to call me uncle All Might, which is his favorite anime character.

   The oldest has Autism.  He is very different compared to the other two.  He was sitting in the living room, being all quiet sitting under a box.  And then out of nowhere he breaks out and does the 'coffin dance.' Both my sister and my mother tell him, no 'coffin dance.' I didn't know such a thing existed until they explained what it was.  I googled it, it's a real thing.  He would ask me questions about the Catacombs and Big Ben.  And play videos where Big Ben was destroyed and I told him that they were movies.  He is deathly afraid of fire works.  He didn't want to light any up because he doesn't like loud noises and didn't have his ear muffs with him.  

   The middle child would get dangerously close to the fireworks and loved lighting them up.

   The youngest kept running away.

   I told my sister I wanted to watch 'Hamilton' and so she put it on.  I think she wanted to watch it.  I will need to see it again this week.  To watch it without the spontaneous coffin dance.

   I thought it was awesome.  It was something that I did want to see when it came to Omaha.  The problem was by the time I would be aware that it was coming to Omaha, it'd be too late.  Tickets would be sold out by the time I knew about it.

   Overall, I thought it was great.  A story I knew way before I seen it.  I thought it was awesome. What I like the most is that's entertaining and educational.

   Yesterday, hanging out with a couple of my uncles was good.  My youngest uncle on my father's side asked me if I would like to go to Kentucky with him.  He went there last year to visit a gravesite, which is his thing.  There were two gravesites in this one town and he was only able to visit one because of the snow.  It turns out my great great great great great grandfather, Thomas Metcalfe was Kentucky's tenth Governor.
   I said I wasn't interested, but as I drove back to Fargo last night, I thought maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea.  I still have to think it over.
   I want to make another trip to London.  But that wouldn't be until Summer or Fall of 2021.

   Visiting my family and going to my hometown is like going back in time.  My uncle gives me a history of my family.  But then, he was a history major. When I do go to my hometown, I only visit uncles.  I don't go to the bars or look up old friends.  I watch outdated true crime shows and the Johnny Carson Show.  Every time I watch Johnny Carson, I have google Dan Quayle because Johnny makes fun of how stupid that VP was.  Turns out he was VP for George Bush senior.

   It was a good trip.  Though, I'm looking forward to working on my second draft of novella again.


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