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6 July 2020

Song mood: Magic Stick by Lil Kim ft 50 Cent.  Not sure why that song popped in my head.  King George the Third’s song in Hamilton  plays in my head, well, the da da part anyway.

In the hour that I wrote, I wrote 1146 words.  I’ve now hit 20,000 for the second time.  I will need to do a little brainstorming for what else to write.  And I haven’t written the big battle between Marianne and Kurt Grey.  Which I’m a little hesitant to write.  The fight scene isn’t my forte.  Nor is the space battles, but I like writing those scenes.

So that was my day off, writing for an hour, walking and watching both Doctor Who and Father Brown.  It’s kind of tough to watch the very first season of Doctor Who as the Doctor doesn’t even know who the Daleks are.  In the first ever season, the Doctor doesn’t try or want to try to save anyone.  It is said that the Daleks were representing the racial hate and Nazism.  Over the years the backstory was written or rewritten so that the Daleks were the arch nemesis of the Time Lords.

The 1974 Father Brown, seems to be more fantastical, the schemes of the villans being more elaborate.  I think the 1974 Father Brown is closer to what the short stories were like.

Today I tried intermittent fasting.  It seems a bit tough for me.  I get hungry quickly.  The day seemed to drag on forever.  I got hungrier by the minute and hour.  I remind myself that this is a test run for this.  Like I think it’s okay to drink a glass of lemonaide as that is not a solid.  I have yogurt at 6am and then have supper at 6pm.  I’ll have an orange before I go to bed.  

I figure that fasting, sensible dinners and easy exercise, I will be able to lose weight and stabilize my blood sugars.

Tomorrow will be the real challenge.  To see what I’m like at work while fasting.  To see what I’ll write tomorrow.  

I think part of what I’ll write will be with what I wrote today.  To write a scene that explains how Milo knows something.  I should write out the battle scene.  I think that will have to do some prewriting.  Like a list of actions taken by the fighters: So and so does this, so and so does that.  Skeletal sentences of the fight.  Then write out the sentences.  I think that’s how I’ll approach that.

Everything is like a trial run.  Writing.  Editing.

Currently on Que for reading/listening: I’m listening to Lucy Worsley’s Queen Victoria: Twenty-four Days that Changed Her Life.  I’m reading Stephanie Hansen’s Stranded Coil, book 2 of the Altered Helix series on kindle.  Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire in the Wayward Children series, that I thought was awesome during the first book but not as impressed with the books that followed. I bought rest of the books in the serieas after reading the first one thinking they will be as cool as the first.  Well, I tried reading that one today, but my stomach growled and every other paragraph mentions chocolate or some other candy.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I will work.  I will walk.  I will write.


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