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9 July 2020

Song mood: Boombastic by Shaggy.  No idea why that song popped into my head.  Just a series of different songs move around in my head.  As I googled the song, I saw a video where Sting did a collaboration with Shaggy.

I’m tired.  Fourth day in on this intermittent fasting.  Felt a little ill after eating Chipotle for my meal today.  It happens.  Maybe tomorrow will be a series of small light meals.  As I research, there are a few signs that you need to pay attention to and stop fasting.  Once you feel better, then you can go back.  It depends on how I feel when I wake.

I didn’t want to write tonight.  I was tired and feeling a bit ill.  I wrote anyway.  

I thought of an idea when walking.  If the Dark Prince embedded part of his soul in the labyrinth, then he can show up at the end.  I know I stole that from The Chamber of Secrets, Tom Riddle’s diary.  But that’s what writer’s do, they steal.  Whether they know it or not.  The trick is to make the idea your own, present it in your own way.  It’s not really the same thing, but similar.  It’s just I see a similarity.  So I made the Dark Prince come alive.  

I actually laid the foundations in my previous writings in the second draft.  There were these ‘salt’ blocks, which were composed of the same materials of the human body.  But the Dark Prince isn’t really alive, just a part of his soul occupying a newly formed body from the block.  The labyrinth is a like a mind trap.  Where in each section, they encounter some sort of vision.  The way through each section is to realize that it’s all in the mind and you can stop the section just by willing it.

So the fight between Milo and the Dark Prince is the latter performing mind tricks on the former.

I’m enjoying listening to Lucy Worsley’s Queen Victoria.  A month ago, I listened to a biography of Albert, the Prince Consort.  All very interesting, well, to me that is.  In this I found out that King George the third was a bit of a jerk to Victoria’s family.  Not only was he the villain of the Revolutionary War, but him and his brothers and sons tarnished the Monarchy.  

No body liked them and wondered why there was a Monarchy to begin with when there was Parliament.  George the third christened her Alexandrina and then threw in Victoria as an afterthought as an honor to her mother.  He did everything he could to see that she wouldn’t gain the thrown.  And then died shortly after she was born.

So little by little, I’m finishing the second draft.  I need to brainstorm for the next novella.  I’ll need to go on a space name generator website to come up with names for characters.  I will need to create an antagonist along with supporting characters.  I want the main supporting character to be like Morpheus from the Matrix.


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