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July's End 2020

Song mood: The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News.  Just because.  The cool thing about Huey Lewis is that he never let the eighties change him.  He was still himself doing his music and he never really tried to change and do something that different.  He was just himself doing his thing.  The makers of Back to the Future saw this and had him do the album for the movie, or something like that.  Huey Lewis would have thrived easily in the sixties.

On being the worst mechanic, today wasn’t my day.  The part, let’s call it the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP), came today.  Now two major things happened.  First, I stripped the bolt that holds the part in place.  Seriously, why did Ford need to make the bolt have a star head hole instead of being a standard hexagonal bolt is beyond me.  Really, it doesn’t need to be a special bolt.  Any I stripped it, so I am watching videos on how to take off a stripped bolt.  Second, I took out the replacement part to see if it would plug in and the connector on the replacement part is slightly smaller, in other words they won’t connect.

Now, I might also be lucky.  I thought to myself, well, I unplugged the part and plugged back in, would the car run?  It did.  It still idles low, but it didn’t stall.  I was able to go to the nearby Walmart and get groceries.  That was the important part.  Now, I really don’t to drive the car for another week if necessary.  But I think I will chance it and drive to the Auto parts store and exchange it for the correct part.

I’m on paw patrol this weekend.  The puppy will have a lot of exercise as I plan to take the dog on my walks.  Tonight, as I walked around the neighborhood, it tired out at around 4,000 steps.  Or it walked slower at 4,000.  The lake, can be from 4,000 to 7,000 steps.  I may have to do just the big loop around the lake, which is around 4,000-5,000 steps.

I watched the final episodes of Father Brown season eight.  It may have been the final season.  The last episode made it seem like the show ended.  The last episode made me laugh, it featured the first two detectives that were on the show.  Which, made me think that it was the series finale.

I have two more episodes of the 1974 Father Brown.  The ’74 Father Brown is far different than most detective shows.  Like the episodes end mostly when Father Brown figures out what happened.  Like most of today’s murder mysteries, you see the villan taken to jail and or there are scenes of what happens after, like a happily ever after scene.  In the ’74 series, Father Brown figures it out and then the show ends.  Which was different, and in way, refreshing to see.

So this weekend, I’ll brainstorm, edit, write.  Then walks around the  lake with the puppy and then work on the car and clean my room.

I requested the week of my birthday off.  I requested for the floating holiday, credit hours and PTO after that.  I don’t know what I will do except read Harrow the Ninth.

I found about eight pictures of the Lourve that are identifiable works of Art, meaning I can look up that work of Art to assign credit to the artist for the photo.  I can find others, but I have enough to get me by for the first week.  Then maybe a trip to Minneapolis after I get my car fixed.  The Minneapolis Art Institue museum is now open to the public.  But you have to reserve time, and of course wear a mask and do social distancing.  I can take pictures of art there for the remainder of the month.  When I was at the Lourve, I just took pictures of art because there was so much to see.  I didn’t have the time to take a picture of the description.  Which is why the Louvre pictures are difficult to write poems for because I cannot ascribe credit to the artist.  For most of the paintings that I took pictures of, there is no way for people to look up the artist if I cannot assign credit to them.

Anyway.  August is here.


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