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The Driving Force on Writing

The driving force behind my writing is to tell a story.  Or a series of stories.  To tell a story in a way that I can tell the story.

One of the topics of conversation on the writer’s group meeting was how many books are published on Amazon.  A figure like 6,000 books was tossed around.  So I did some research.  The 6,000 to 7,500 books a day is on the first four days of the month.  Overall, it’s around 50,000 books a month, which is 1,668 books a day on average.  70 books an hour.  A little over a book a minute.  What no article will say is that they have book reviewers who will say that there was a typo on page 66 and so the reader should never ever read this book, ever.  Save your $0.99 or $2.99.

The other thing that the article doesn’t say is how many of those ‘books’ are actually short stories or novellas.  Well of course I would say that a novella is a book.

Anyway.  Those numbers are a bit staggering.  Unless you write romance and can market yourself, the chances of making money off of your writing are slim, to maybe nil.

With those numbers, how many of those people said anyone could write, why not me?  Wrote something that had not been edited at all.  With so many books out there, would anyone ‘see’ my book out there?  Even if there is quality writing, what is to separate the good from the bad?  Or does it matter?  Probably not.  People like things, buy things not because it’s good or well written but because they just like something.  Now if it was really bad, or they couldn’t finish it because there was no editor and the writer had no idea of how to edit, then they won’t buy any more of that author’s books.  No biggie, the reader lost out on $0.99.  Of course I have bought a book for $9.99 that I should have loved but the Hugo award wining author did a terrible job presenting.  I had only bought the three books that followed before reading that one bad book and am stuck reading the rest.

The point is, there has to be a driving force for writing.  I found that the driving force is finishing the project.  To tell the story that is mine.

With that said, however, the key is not to push for perfection, but to get the story done.  Otherwise, it will never get done.  Which is why I won’t promote the first two books of this series.  I figure by the time I get to the third one, I would have learned the craft a bit more and the story will be better.  The third one is the steampunk one.

So yay, after twenty years the Dark Prince will have his story told.  He’s come a long way from trekking across a country with a fair haired princess to make sure the evil emperor and evil sorceress doesn’t kill her.  I like him better now as the villan than the hero.  I like to have female characters fight and be heros.

I started the initial editing of the book today.  In a few days, I will have that done.  After that is a read through, tinkering with what I wrote.  And looking for scenes I had intended to write.  Adding scenes that complete the story so that the read doesn’t go huh, where did that come from?

I also looked up the Star Wars name generator and wrote down some names for the next book.  The next book will be a little like Tron Legacy minus the father son thing.  I think that book will be a little easier to write and a little tougher at the same time.

So let there be 50,000 books published on Amazon when mine comes out.  If I only get a dozen paid copies, this whole experience will be worth it. 


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