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10 August 2020

 Song mood: Buddy Holly by Weezer.

Walked around the lake today.

Finished listening to Mexican Gothic.  Fantastic book.  It was well thought out, well written.  I was off on the monster.  That’s okay.  I loved the book.  There was a logic to the monster.

Started reading The Garden of Bewitchment.  From what I read, not that great.  And that’s okay too.  A writer learns from not so great books just as they learn from great books.  The thing I think about is how could I better present the story.

There things about this novel, like the dialogue that don’t ring true for Victorian England.  Then there are parts that aren’t likely to happen in Victorian England.  The book should have been set in 1970’s England and that would ring more true.  Although I say that the 70’s tried to imitate Victorian England, it was still vastly different.

A few years ago, I wrote a steampunk story.  I read it to a writer’s group.  Seventy five percent of the comments I received said that the dialogue was stilted.  Of course I don’t defend my writing.  I was trying to imitate the kind of dialogue found in ACD’s Sherlock Holmes because I was writing steampunk.  I wanted the dialogue to be more like the kind of speech of the time.  So people telling me it was stilted didn’t bother me.

I’m sitting at this desk in this hotel room.  I probably didn’t need to rent a hotel room tonight, but it was something different.  To get me out of the routine I was in before.  I haven’t traveled for a long time, except to visit my mum and my sister’s family.

I ordered pizza and bought low abv sour beer.  I can sit here and write for a while or I can read or I can watch TV.  I can write about what it’s like hanging out at a hotel when there is hardly anyone around.  Maybe I’ll write something in the lines of a thriller.

Anyway, the whole idea is to do something different.  To change up my whole routine.

Whatever happens today, tomorrow, next year will be different.  We might still be wearing masks this time next year.  But I know next year will be different.

After today, I will out ways on how I can lower the carbs.  

I will reach out to more people about writing and projects.  I want to do a collaborations with other writer’s and artists.

This week will be about planning and working out how I can suplement my income with writing.  So I can take more trips to visit my mother and my sister.  So I can take more trips period.


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