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22 August 2020

 Song mood: Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days.  That song has been in my head for weeks now.  And I could easily mistake Nine Days for Third Eye Blind.

Finished listening to Harrow the Ninth.  I will have to go back and reread the fifth and final act.  Gideon Nav returned.  She’s my ultimate favorite character of all time.  I will have to listen to it again before the years over, but I will read the last portion in the book.  So many things happened in the last bit.  It’s totally leading up to the third book.  I loved the book.  It made laugh just like the first one did.

The artist for the cover of Last Stand in Lychford by Paul Cornell stated that this will be the series finally.  First I was shocked, shocked that I actually followed the artist who does the covers for the Witches of Lychford series on IG.  Then a bit saddened that this will be the last of them.  I loved that series.  It had a vicar.  The author had another popular series, that was supposed to be finished about now.  But the Witches of Lychford became really popular and when a branch of one of the five major publishing houses says you need to keep on writing on a certain series, that’s what you do.

So I decided that for the next several books, I will write a 10 page short story about the Dark Prince that is relavent towards a character in the book or towards what is happening in the book.  Something, I’m pretty sure wouldn’t go over well with any critique group I belong to.  However, it’s a part of the vision I have for the series.  To give a little background on the Dark Prince before the final book so by the time the reader gets there, they know all about the Dark Prince and understand why he is the villan of the stories.

For the project I’m working on now, the story will be the fall of the Dark Prince.  It will tie in with the Traveler.

It goes with the vision I have for the books.

August is nearly over.  It’s been a difficult process identifying works of art.  But that’s what I get for going with the flow.  Normally when I am at a museum, I take a picture of the descriptor next to the painting or sculture.  But at the Louvre, I just followed the crowd and moved as swiftly as could be.

Next time, it will be a different thing.  I will educate myself in art history.  I will look up books on Art at the Louvre so that I know what to look for.  Stuff like that.

I might be a Morse yet.

Been watching the original Inspector Morse series.  Last weekend I watched the adaptations of the only two Morse novels I read.  The one in which I gave up reading Morse, Last Scen Wearing, was far different adapted as a series movie.  The book zig zagged and focused more on the red herrings.  The movie was different in a lot of ways, but it was a more consistent, no zig zagging.  But the movie was fundamentally different.

I bought the collection of Morse short stories while I was in Oxford.  The woman I spoke with was surprised that I knew about the short story collection that she didn’t know about.

In the series, just like the new series, Morse is an opera addict.  He quotes famous poets.  He surprises the noble folk as a policeman isn’t supposed to be interested in art or opera or poetry.  He never says that he was a student at Oxford.

Tomorrow I start listening to The Science Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe.  It will be a start.  I would like to write a biography of Poe just like Lucy Worsley.  But that would mean that I would need to make a visit to New England.  I would need to go to the places where he lived, go to the museums associated with him.  It would be a project that involved a lot of research, a lot of traveling for so very little return.  Or, so I think.  Who knows?

Granted, I would like to go New England.  Mostly Boston.  But there would be many other places I would need to go.  So, a project like writing a biography of Edgar Allan Poe would a long game type project.

Currently I’m reading Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie.  The Kenneth Barnagh adaptation will be released next month.  I’m interested to see what the movie versus the book will be like.

A couple of months ago, I saw the David Suchet adaptation of The Mysterious Affair at Styles again.  I read the book and was worried that I had seen the movie in England and that I would know how the book ended.  But when I read the book, I didn’t remember the ending.  I figured out why.  

I had started watching the movie while I was in a hotel in England, but it was in the middle of the afternoon and I had walked over 20,000 steps for three or four days in a row.  So I drew myself a hot bath.  I watched the first part, saw that the cup had been crushed.  I jumped in the hot bath and fell asleep.  When I woke up because the water was cool, there was another Poirot mystery on and I thought it was the same one I was watching before.  It had been the one very rare time that I actually slept while the television was on.  I can’t sleep if the television is on, too much going on for my brain to turn off.  I got dressed and ready to go to an Italian restaurant down the street.

So that is me for the moment.  Just walking, writing and waiting for the next big adventure.


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