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29 August 2020

 Song mood: Major Tom (Coming Home) by Peter Shilling.  The song that played in my head for months.  I didn’t know the lyrics, the name, the song writer.  But when it played on the radio, I knew it at once.

As my sister pointed out on social media, it’s my grandmother’s birthday.  Or, as I would like to say, the end of summer.  She was a phenomenal cook and fortune teller.  She was also a teacher as well.

Chadwick Boseman.  It was tragic that he died at such a young age.  It came as a shock to many.  For a guy as young and fit, to die of colon cancer in his early forties is a tragedy.  My father died of colon cancer when he was fifty-seven.  He weighed 360 pounds and had a tumor the size of a grapefruit.  He should have made regular doctor visits.

I make doctor visits either once a year or every other year.  Because of my family history I have to get colonoscopies every five years.

At any rate, it was terrible that Boseman died so young.  I rather enjoyed his movies.

Yesterday, I had an idea for October poems.  One of which I will probably do next year, I hope.  A year is a long ways away.  It will be the museum of Halloween.  Where I go to museums that have paintings or sculptures that have a horror nature.  Like  paintings of ghosts or statues of gargoyles and take pictures of them.  I don’t know if there are any exhibits that are just ghosts and demons and whatnot.  But it’s something I would like to look into.

Opera Omaha is putting on a virtual opera: Miranda.  It will be a steampunk opera.  September 24-26.  The shows will take place live and can be viewed on Youtube.  I am interested.  I know that I will watch it.  Whether Inspector Morse would consider it opera, may be a different story.

The one opera play I would like to see is Tosca by Giacomo Puccini.  I think the next time I go to Paris, I will look up operas if there isn’t a rock band I’m interested in.

I think, I will work on a short story for Halloween.  I want to have it refined before October.  Once I finish the short story, I will drive myself to write a mystery novel.  Something that will need little editing as I have books and television shows to base the structure off of.  Once I have those two things done, I will go back to the sci-fi series I have been working on.  And that way I will feel better about myself and about writing.

If this works, I will write one mystery a year, so that I have at least one book published a year.

I have a couple more hours of The Science Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe.  Right now, I’m listening to an essay he wrote about the material universe and the spiritual universe.  Which is, kind of hard to listen to.  Mainly because of almost two hundred years of scientific advancement.

Next on my que to listen to will probably be Faceless Killers by Henning Mankel, the first Wallander novel.  I read the book visually and now I will listen to it.

Tomorrow, I think I will put together a few lists.  Like the list of movies.  A list of tasks.  A list of books I should finish before the end of  the year.  I think next week will be a busy one for me.


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