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10 September 2020

 Song mood: You and Me by Lifehouse.  I saw Lifehouse twice.  Both small venue, which was odd because they had a song that was on the billboard charts for 55 weeks.  I saw them in Fargo, ND and in Aberdeen, SD.  But maybe small venues were their thing. Hanging by a Moment is one of my favorite songs of all time, mainly because I love the bass-line.

I finished reading Death on the Nile.  I guessed who was murdered and who did it.  I was a bit off on how it was done.  And had I been paying attention to one small clue, I would have been right on how the events took place.  Anyway.  I dare say sometimes Agatha Christie borders on Hallmark type mysteries.  In this book there were two newly formed couples.

Next up on reading: Night of the Mannequins by Stephen Graham Jones.  I will be going through my books and making a list of books that I need to read by the end of the year.  In this instance I will be physically placing the books in order.

In my dream this morning, I was hanging out with a friend from my writing group.

I was thinking today, that my writing group used to hold writing retreats at a monastery.  And I thought, with a group of friends, one can make a retreat like a little writer’s conference.  It would be fun.  We’d have certain times where we could chat with each other.  Then dedicate time for writing.  Even have word count contests.  Towards the end we can set some time to talk about what we learned while writing.  It would be fun.  I know I said that twice.

This weekend, I’m going to set some time to learn about my camera.  I may take some pictures, if there is something for me to go do.  If I had my way, I would have a group of friends dress up and enact a story in 31 parts.  There would be fake blood galore.  And then I would have an awesome set of poems for October.

I haven’t cosplayed for a while.  There was nothing to go to.  It would help if I could hang out with other people who cosplayed.

This weekend, I will start writing my mystery.  The tougher scenes come first, ie. the murder, the explanation.  Then the beginning and character building.  Then work my way to the end.  

After that, I will do my editing.  Then I will get someone to do copyediting.  I will look through my pictures of Sandy, England and see if any of the pictures are dark and foreboding.  If so, there’s my cover.  I’m hoping the Catholic Church I passed will fit the bill.

As I go through the process, I will look into what the Mystery Writers of America has to offer and join that guild.  With a little luck and support of the MWA, maybe the book will be somewhat of a success.  I will work on book promotion through national and regional guilds.

Once the book is finished, I will determine which project to work on next.

Pandemic or no pandemic, I want craft an interesting year for 2021.  If there are no events to go to, I will make ones up with the idea of small groups.


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9 August 2020

  So I made some changes in plan for my birthday.   I decided to get a room at Aksarben Suites.   I’ll spend the day in Aksarben and pretend that I traveled.   What I will have, I’ll decide tomorrow, although I suspect that it will be Pickleman’s pizza.   I’ll read and chill.   Maybe I’ll take a bus to the Dundee Dell.   So many things I can do.   For coffee, I’ll go to the Starbucks on 90 th and Pacific.   That one has the Verismo coffee machine makes an excellent cup of coffee.   I can even take an early walk at the lake as I make my way to Aksarben.

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