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16 September 2020

 Song mood: Times Like These by the Foo Fighters.

Nearly finished with Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell.  I nearly forgot how much I enjoy the Wallander series.  Wallander’s emotions are all over the place.

I did a quick list of movies:

Death on the Nile - 23 October

Black Widow - 6 November

No Time to Die - 20 November

Dune - 18 December

Wonder Woman 25 December

They are kind of spread out.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do for them.  It would be a lot easier if….  The issue with the pandemic is that yes, you can stream the movies.  But it will cost $20 - $30.  Which, if it’s just me, that’s kind of a high price, if there were others, it would balance out or be okay.  I don’t have a problem donating $20 for the upcoming opera because I tend to spend $45 for a ticket to the opera.

I may just go to the theater.  But wear a heavy duty mask.

I haven’t made up my mind on if I will like the new James Bond movie.  The trailer seemed to be all extensive explosions.  I felt the same way about Skyfall, and thought that I wouldn’t enjoy it.  I was thoroughly impressed by Skyfall.  The other thing that has me worried is that the movie is 2 hours and 43 minutes.  Though I’m interested in finding out Ms Swan’s secrets.  I hope she isn’t a villan.

I’m glad that they are making Dune into a two part movie series.  The David Lynch version is difficult to watch due to all of the internal monologues going on.  Lynch was trying put all of the book into a two hour film.  The book is 21 hours in audiobook format.  Which is probably why he had the monologues.  In extended version, there was a 17 minute animation of pure exposition that explains the world of Dune, that just didn’t seem like it really fit with the movie apart that it was trying to explain that world.

I’m still working on names for my mystery.  I will think of a few more and then just write scenes.  I change my my mind on who did it every other day.  Once the important scenes are written, the writing will go much faster.  It will be a good exercise to get me out of the idea that I have start at point a and move my way to the end.  In this case I will start at point b and then go to point p and then go to point a.  It reinforce the idea of tent pole scene writing.

Half way through Night of the Mannequins.  I think that Stephen Graham Jones is a fantastic writer.  I wonder if I study this book, would I be able to write a horror story like it?  Possible.

I’m not sure what I’ll do for October poems yet.  And it’s getting closer.  I thought of getting a mannequin or two with some other props and making my own mannequin story in photographs.  I’ll think of something.

I kind of want to get a David S. Pumpkins suit, or something like that for Halloween.  It’s a thought.


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