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30 September 2020

 Song mood: Monster Mask by Pomplamoose.  ’Tis the season.

October poems will be inspired by The Bride of Frankenstein.  I have selected pictures from the movie.  I have the first four poems written.  I should have rest written tomorrow.

I started writing the mystery.  I started with the party scene first, which is at the beginning.  I wanted to know the motives of the suspects.  The victim is hated by all who attend the party for some reason or another.

I ran tonight.  First time in months.  The last time I ran, it was too hot and I got dizzy halfway around the lake.  Had to walk the rest of the lake feeling dizzy that time.  Tonight was cooler.  I ran four miles.

Target goal or target weight: 170lbs.

Last weekend, I finished watching the Inspector Morse series.  The final episode was befitting for the detective.  The actor died a couple of years after the episode was shot.  He had some sort of medical condition.  

The author wrote a book where Morse died so that they could film the final episode before the actor died.  It was in the final book where the author revealed that Morse’s Christian name was Endeavour.  Which then got revealed in the third to last episode.

On the recommendation of a friend, I binge watched Upload.  It was a nice comedy on the digital afterlife.

I didn’t watch the debate.  I knew it was going to be a load of crap.  The President from what I heard wouldn’t stop interrupting.  Like it was some sort of wrestling reality show and the one who talks the loudest and the most wins.

So tomorrow, I will write the rest of October poems.  I’m thinking of going to Junkstock this weekend.  This weekend, I will continue working on the mystery.  I may start editing the fantasy novella I wrote before.  

I may do the formatting for the poetry book I could have self published months ago.  The answer to the issues I had with Scrivener is Microsoft Word.  Apparently, hardly anyone undestands how to format for print in the latest version of Scrivener.  Amazon KDP has a guide on how to format a book for print using Microsoft Word.  So I will download the program so I can format the book.

One of these weekends, I will just have to write down a list of projects and what needs to be done with them.  And then work from that list.


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