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8 September 2020

 Song mood: Manic Monday by the Bangles.  This is absolutely the one band I want to see in concert.  Which would make me take a trip to California.  Not that I would mind, it’s just that California is not nearly as interesting to me now as it was when I was in my twenties.  I would rather go to New England.

One of my grade school friends send me texts like: watch Mutha Don’t Want to Go to School Today by Extreme.  And I’m not into hair bands anymore.  When I played guitar, it’s was pure ego fueled by teasing by other guitarists to want to imitate the hair bands.  To be able to play fast scale solos.  If I were to listen to Extreme, I would list to their their album: III Sides to Every Story.  It wasn’t as popular as the first, but they had a symphony orchestra and was much more a masterpiece than anything they did.  I probably listened to that album the most of all their work.

I have long realized that it was pure ego that has kept me back as an artist, if that is what I wanted to be.  Ego dictates that in order to be this you have do this, this and this.

As a private story teller, private being that I write stuff that only I see and or maybe another person, I know it’s about the single arrow personal experience.  That is the process of being an artist.  Really, you are just trying to produce a certain type of experience for the audience.

There are dominant writing theories that say that say you must have to prove something.  In this story I want to prove.  But really, you are trying provide an experience for the reader like the musician is trying to  provide the experience for the listener.  You’re not trying to prove anything.  No wants to be proven one way or another, they want an experience.  They want something surreal.

I go to a concert because I want to experience something with the person(s) who created the music.  People want an experience that moves them.  That is what the artist should strive for: to create an experience that moves their perspective audience.

Due to some errands and the rain, I decided to walk in place tonight.  I finished listening to Dan Rather’s Audible program: Stories of a Lifetime.  This week I should finish Broken Angels.  Then I think I will move to Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett and then Faceless Killers by Henning Mankel.

This week, I should finish Death on the Nile.  I think I should do the exercise where I copy a paragraph of my favorite authors for inspiration.  I hope that if I keep writing, no matter what it is, this blog post, copying text from a favorite, that I will be to catch onto that spark that drives me to write.  So mother, I really do want to go to school today.


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