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15 October 2020

 Song mood: Friday I’m in Love by the Cure.  I know it’s Thursday, but it feels like Friday.  On my Thursdays, I visit with my photographer friend.  We talk about the books we are listening to.  Today we talked about our travels to Japan and my travel to Korea.

I am nearly done with The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue by VE Schwab.  All I can say is wow.  

I listened to A Darker Shade of Magic last year.  Part of a series with magicians.  I thought that book was okay but wasn’t compelled to continue reading the series.  Overall, I kind of thought of her as an average writer.  I was neither disappointed nor enthralled.  It was what it was, a book about magicians.  There were points where I thought why is she spending time on this idea when she doesn’t utilize the concept?

The Invisible Life showed that she grew significantly better as a writer.  The writing was so much better.  The story so much stronger.  I was completely amazed.  The parts that take place in France, really feel like France.  The parts about New York, well, I haven’t been to New York yet.  Anyway, she is much better as a writer and in this book, it shows.

Right now, I am at the section where she is setting up for the end of the novel.  The final battle, climax, whatever you want to call it.  My suspicions about one character are being confirmed, although they are somewhat broad.

I sensed something about one character because this story is something like that magical epic I have been wanting to write for years.  

The idea starts from listening to the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  What if I were in a magical duel with my best friend from college?  In this what if, I’m a thousand years older than my oponent and he was born about a thousand years ago.  The real premise of the story is, in order for the younger to unsettle the older, the younger binds the older to woman who has depression.  Because now the older has to feel things instead having a god like existence.

The older magician in time forgets who he is, forgets that he can wield magic.  Something jogs his memory and he is back in the duel.  But he realizes he cannot win, so he gives his heart in a edible form to the woman.

And that is why I may be considered a paranormal romance writer.  Although I know that is not true.  I will write many different genres and not focus on any.  Anyway.

I purchased Microsoft 365 with Word for my personal Macbook Air.  For formatting books, it’s like night and day in comparison to Scrivener.  Like I know to manipulate Word and Scrivener is impossible to understand when it comes to formatting a book for print.  The poetry book that I had been working on in the summer, I can actually finish that in ten minutes.  The fact that I don’t is pure laziness.

All the issues I had with Scrivener are gone.  I put the parts I started editing on the last project into Word with some of the formatting for print and saw that editing the project will be a lot easier than I thought.

So, yay for Word.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been stuck really about what to write.  I think I may work on a short story and go from there.  At the moment, I feel a bit inspired to write a scary story to tell in the dark, just kidding, a spooky story.


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