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19 October 2020

 Song mood: Hazy Shade of Winter by the Bangles.  I’m usually thrown off when I watch the video.  I think of fallen leaves, shadows, autumn and New England.  The video on the other hand is bright, California and has Robert Downing Jr in it.  I don’t remember what movie the song tied into, but it starred Robert Downing Jr.

I’m halfway through Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  In my Senior Capstone English class at UNO, I annotated The Importance of Being Ernest with a classmate.  I admit was a bit selfish on the project and most of my annotations were used.  It’s a project I wouldn’t picking up again.  But that’s besides the point and I have more pressing projects if I could decide on one.

A Death of No Importance is fun to listen to as it reminds me of the Dave Chappell skit on Prince.  Where Prince and the Revolution challenges Charlie Murphy and his gang to a game of basketball.  This is what this story reminds me of.  I also have a feeling that Wilde was similar to the way he was portrayed.  Anyway, it is fun.

One of my childhood neighbors said he found a copy of a story I wrote twenty years ago.  He said he would mail it to me.  I am most interested.  I’m hoping that it’s a short story.  After my first couple of weeks at UNO, a virus invaded my computer and I lost all of my previous works.  If it is a novel, it will probably be an immortal shapeshifter, or if I’m real lucky Dax Casters.  If it’s a short story, then it will be Eric Graves, a guy who had been brought back to life after being brutally murdered.  The short story for me would be awesome.  It was the one piece of fiction that I almost talked myself into giving my dad.  But I was nervous and never showed my father any of my works.  I wished I would have.

Currently, I’m reading parts of Just Write by James Scott Bell.  When I feel discouraged about my writing, I read his how to books and I feel better.  I think I need to set something up where I meet writer friends.  Talk about projects and other stuff.  There was a section in the book that talked about the seven parts to a story and one of them was voice.  Then it references another book by Bell called Voice: The Secret Power of Great Writing.  Which I’m most likely going to buy because it has a section on description.

A few weeks ago I googled videos about how give better descriptions.  And all of the videos explained what I already knew.  Choose better nouns and verbs.  Remove adjectives and adverbs.  Stuff I already know.  So I became content to just learn by doing.  I’m hoping the book will give me some pointers.


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9 August 2020

  So I made some changes in plan for my birthday.   I decided to get a room at Aksarben Suites.   I’ll spend the day in Aksarben and pretend that I traveled.   What I will have, I’ll decide tomorrow, although I suspect that it will be Pickleman’s pizza.   I’ll read and chill.   Maybe I’ll take a bus to the Dundee Dell.   So many things I can do.   For coffee, I’ll go to the Starbucks on 90 th and Pacific.   That one has the Verismo coffee machine makes an excellent cup of coffee.   I can even take an early walk at the lake as I make my way to Aksarben.

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