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24 October 2020

 Song mood: Grove is in the Heart by Deee-Lite.  The whole of the seventies in a song, a video.

I need to hang out with other writers and artists.  The other people in the group would help me through being stuck.  It isn’t that I can’t write but I don’t believe I can write.  Which are two different things.

The manuscript came yesterday.  It was The Shapeshifter Immortal.  Written when I was between twenty one and twenty three.  The first novel, or rough draft of a novel that I had ever written.  It’s about an immortal shapeshifter who fights a satanist cult.  Back in the days when I was a Republican and believed such evils exist.  Now I see far worse evils in the name of.  Anyway, I read a bit of it and it was way better than the fantasy novel I self-published a long time ago.

I think I need to free-write.  I suspect that after an hour straight of free-writing, the story I should write would come out.  In my mind I have a few agendas for my writing.  Conflicting agendas like focusing on mystery or focusing on fantasy.  If I write to the point where I don’t think about things something would come out, like the story that most wants to be written.

The days are getting colder.  Not sure what I want to do for exercise.  Yesterday, I walked the small loop at the lake and went to my car to warm up.  I though I would get back out and walk the small loop again.  But decided against it.  Not liking the cold.

Finished listening to Oscar Wild and a Death of No Importance.  I liked it, it was a fun book.  Currently I’m listening to The Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware.  I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It helps that the narrator has an accent.  Ruth Ware is considered the Agatha Christie of our age.  I’m thinking, we shouldn’t say that until Ware has reached a hundred books or has her own detective series.  But her books are very enjoyable.  Westaway feels like it was meant to be read out loud.  The narrator, Imogen Church, gets into the story and it shows by the way she reads it.

So today is Saturday and I can’t figure out what I’m going to do with today.  Most of the things I would do, I can’t because it’s cold outside.


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9 August 2020

  So I made some changes in plan for my birthday.   I decided to get a room at Aksarben Suites.   I’ll spend the day in Aksarben and pretend that I traveled.   What I will have, I’ll decide tomorrow, although I suspect that it will be Pickleman’s pizza.   I’ll read and chill.   Maybe I’ll take a bus to the Dundee Dell.   So many things I can do.   For coffee, I’ll go to the Starbucks on 90 th and Pacific.   That one has the Verismo coffee machine makes an excellent cup of coffee.   I can even take an early walk at the lake as I make my way to Aksarben.

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