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18 November 2020

Song mood: Mysterious Ways by U2.

Currently I’m listening to The Ruin by Dervla McTiernan.  I’ve listened to a couple of novellas that she wrote where her detective Cormac Reilly briefly shows up in and liked them.  This is the first book with her star detective.  Between McTiernan and Trevor on who writes better suspense, I would say hands down McTiernan.  

A person who writes mysteries as a genre follow a set of conventions so that the reader isn’t in a state of confusion.  One great example is putting dates before each section or series of sections.  Literary writers don’t follow conventions and the confusion at times come from the writing.  Where I say, let the characters mislead the reader not the writing itself.

I am enjoying The Ruin.  It’s nice to get back to a solid mystery.

I continue to walk at the lake.  Although, it’s a modified path where I get around 2.5 miles instead 4 miles.  I still need to figure out what to do for exercise in the winter.  I want to get a rowing machine so I can work on core muscles more.

I found my Ambrose Bierce The Spookhouse.  It was in a tote bag, I hadn’t completely unpacked since I got back from my last trip to North Dakota.  The Spookhouse is a collection of short stories.  Many of them are between two to five pages.  I can use these, if I wish to study flash fiction, as templates or as a means to brainstorm other stories.  If I’m so inclined.

I think I may have to return to the Milo de Ford stories as my thoughts return to the series.  The way I had it set up, he went through the worlds.  The final book was where he fights the Dark Prince.  Except that with the ‘Chronos,’ a device that allows Milo to alter time, he can create a time capsule in which he retains his powers no matter what the alternate timeline he is on.

I keep on thinking of this alternate timeline story.  In the alternate time line, Marianne is watching an Animae series about the Marquis de Avery (another name for Milo de Ford) and his adventures.  And her talking about the show triggers Kurt Grey the Finder to seek the creators out to find they are in a parallel universe.

So now I need to pluck up the courage to continue writing the series.  Give myself permission to fail along the way.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to reading a webcomic.

For the next website, I think I will start writing a series of scenes for ‘The Radio.’  Each scene will be 750 words.  If the project is 30,000 words, then there will be 40 scenes.  If there are two a week, then it would 20 weeks.  So I may want to double that for a total of 40 weeks.  It’s a thought.


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