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Dirk Gently

 Tonight, I’m watching Dirk Gently with Stephen Mangan playing the wholistic detective.  First off, I don’t know why I haven’t watched this before.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  I think it really is taking place in Islington.  The latest rendition takes place in Seattle.  I lived in a suburb of a suburb of Seattle for six months.

The reason I booked a place in Islington was because that was where Douglas Adams lived.  Unfortunately, I had gone through a website that was dubious when I booked a B&B at Islington.  I won’t make the same mistake again.  When I go back, I will book through hotel chains.  So my first night in England, was horrific because I found out that the B&B I booked wasn’t legit.  Fortunately, I got my money back, but it made for an interesting night.  Also, fortunately, was the Irish bar owner who helped me find a place and the coppers that pointed me in the right direction.

The bar owner looked like John Hurt.  He was very helpful to me.  He calmed me down when I was in a state of panic.  I had found out the place I booked wasn’t legit and I had to find other lodgings.  And the bar owner had a way of calming people down.

Anyway.  This Dirk Gently series looks like it does take place in Islington.  The area looks familiar.  Although it kind also looks like Cricklewood.  Both Islington and Cricklewood are run down areas but are not nearly as dangerous as East LA.  I walked a block in East LA and the cousin I was with and I agreed it would be a good idea to turn around walk back to where we started.

The first episode, I think was closer to the book than what the latest series was.  I think this Dirk Gently more resembles the Dirk Gently in the book.  At any rate, the series is enjoyable to watch.  Though I love watching the Dirk Gently television shows, I couldn’t finish the actual book.  Or the first one.  Douglas Adams spends chapter upon chapter on the electric monks and I could never get past that.


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