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Next Up

  Today, I walked around the lake.   I decided that 20 degree weather on a sunny day isn’t that bad and walked the big loop. I signed up for an online class on Udemy.  Editing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to Perfection.  A class that was normally $94 dollars was on sale for $9.99.  It’s a seven hour course on my favorite subject of editing.  For me, it’s a part of the skillset that is most important to me: to be able to edit.  I will look for other online courses through out the year to improve other skillsets. Next up for listening.  After Sixty-One Nails , I will be listening to The Seine by Elaine Sciolino.  After that will be The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie which is currently free on Audible.  And then Untamed Shore by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Next up for reading.  After The Pale Horse, I will read Endless Night by Agatha Christie. Today the final season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been released.  So I will be watching that from today until Saturday.

30 December 2020

  Song mood: I Melt with You by Modern English. Tasks for tomorrow.  Edit a segment of my serial fantasy novel.  Write a segment and a half for the serial fantasy novel.  Possibly brainstorm the rest of the novel. Goals for next year: 1. Self-publish a fantasy novella. 2. Self-publish a mystery novel. 3. Finish serial novel and self-publish the finished series. 4. Work on a ‘how to’ book on writing and self-publishing. 5. Read 30 books. Currently I still listening to Sixty-One Nails by Mike Shevdon.  While it’s not great, it isn’t bad.  A lot of dialogue and description.  Very detailed scenes. Currently I’m reading The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie.  It’s a murder mystery where the chief suspects are witches.  Of course, by the end, there will be rational explanations.  So far, the book is far different from the Amazon series staring Rufus Sewell. Today I had an age old debate: should I buy Adobe Indesign and learn how design book covers?  Indesign is a spendier prog

22 December 2020

  Writing the section today in my serial novel was tough.   Some days writing are more difficult than others.   I do know however how I want to rewrite this section.   That’s the neat thing about writing three or four page segments, any editing or rewriting will be easier.   And since I’m releasing one segment per week, I will have time for revision.   Although the exercise behind writing this serial is to write something without trying to be perfect.   To write and edit the best I can and then release the story into the world.   Which, is why I decided on a project that resembles pulp fiction. I got to speak with my best friend from college today.  It had been over a year.  I’m happy that I got to speak with him.  It was great catching up. I finished listening to Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie.  And then I watched the David Suchet movie as I was interested on how they would adapt the story.  Most of the time the Poirot novels are around seven hours long and the BBC films

17 December 2020

  Song mood: I Melt with You by Modern English. I’ve written the first three sections of my serial novel.  I’m hoping to have ten sections done before the new year.  I think there will be a total of 40-50 sections.  One three to four page section a week.  About ten sections in, I will publish the paperback through Amazon.  Then I’ll list it on my website as the follows: Enjoying the story but can’t wait a week for the next section?  The paperback version is now available on Amazon.  Probably won’t work, but that doesn’t matter. I finished reading: The Last Stand of Lychford .  All I can say is that it needed serious editing.  There were syntactic errors all over.  Missused words.  Sections weren’t nearly as clear.  Characters weren’t as consistent with the way they were in previous books.  Like a female vicar cussing up a storm.  And yet, the lowest review was a three star.  The review said that the author could have written it better. My feeling is that he is a published author

New Website Nearing Completion

I worked on the new website, mostly built it with a few minor things.   It now has a copyright page.  The only reason there is a copyright page on the website is because the website will be a serial novel.  I am somewhat treating the website as a book.  At the end, I will make a print version on Amazon or through a book distributer.  The online version is free. The website has the poetry and short fictions sections.  I still need to insert the links to the perspective books on Amazon. And then the serial will be blog posts and I have renamed home to ‘The Radio.’ My photographer friend took pictures of me today, kind of spur of the moment.  I have the new photo on my about page. I just bought the domain: .  Currently it’s .  It usually takes 24-48 hours for the new domain name to be associated with the blogspot website. Because the posts will be the story, I have no problem sharing them on social media.  Social media may or may

9 December 2020

  Song mood: Winter Wonderland by Felix Bernard and Richard Bernhard Smith.   I’m thinking of the one done by Dean Martin of Rat Pack fame not to be confused for the Brat Pack. Today I hung out with a friend over coffee.  It was great.   I told him the story about how my parents drove from Fairbanks, AK to Nova Scotia.  I can’t remember much of that trip as I was around four.  It was the trip where I lost my bottle, or more accurately my parents left it at a lake.  That summer, I kept on wanting to know if we were going home yet.  My parents wanted to visit as many Canadian Provences as possible.  All done in a Buick. We were talking about travel.  He gave me some ideas of where I could go in Nebraska.  It was cool hanging out. So, I’ve done core exercises and a basic upper arm dumbell work outs every other day for the past week. Today, I only had two 12 oz cups of cold brew.  Tomorrow I will attempt to do only one 12 oz cup of cold brew.  I am attempting to lower my caffeine

3 December 2020

  Song mood: Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses. I worked on the new website.  I can take my time.  In this new website I will do a serial novel.  Where I release a three page section once or twice a week.  I will brainstorm a new story based off of the unfinished novella ‘The Radio.’  I like the idea of a guy being transported into a horror film world.  We’ll give him the power to shoot electric bolts. I would like a website similar to James Wylder.  He is a sci-fi/fantasy writer that I met at a Doctor Who convention in Minneapolis.  He has written a boatload of books.  I have a few of his books.  One I bought at a convention.  The rest are ebooks.  He has a collection of poems about Doctor Who.  Anyway.  He has a collaboration with artists and that is what I admire about his writing and website. Of course, I would like to collaborate with some artists.  I just need to be able to give something back. I’m reading Last Stand of Lychford by Paul Cornell.  It was delayed about