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17 December 2020

 Song mood: I Melt with You by Modern English.

I’ve written the first three sections of my serial novel.  I’m hoping to have ten sections done before the new year.  I think there will be a total of 40-50 sections.  One three to four page section a week.  About ten sections in, I will publish the paperback through Amazon.  Then I’ll list it on my website as the follows: Enjoying the story but can’t wait a week for the next section?  The paperback version is now available on Amazon.  Probably won’t work, but that doesn’t matter.

I finished reading: The Last Stand of Lychford.  All I can say is that it needed serious editing.  There were syntactic errors all over.  Missused words.  Sections weren’t nearly as clear.  Characters weren’t as consistent with the way they were in previous books.  Like a female vicar cussing up a storm.  And yet, the lowest review was a three star.  The review said that the author could have written it better.

My feeling is that he is a published author and is probably just handing in a draft because that is all he has to do.  The editors are what make the writing stand out.  And it stands to reason because of the pandemic that the publishing company is short staffed.  Which is why the quality of the book was down.

If someone would have read the finished product many of these errors would’t have made it to the page.  And yet three star is the lowest rating it received.  If it were a self-published indy writer, it would have received a lot of one or two star ratings if it got ratings at all.

A friend died today.  He had stage 4 kidney disease that was accelerated by COVID.  The man married one of my childhood friends.  I was a best man at the wedding to the other groom, my childhood friend.  So far three people that I knew well died in 2020.  It has been a strange year.

It has been getting colder and colder.  My walks at the lake are shorter if they happen.  My rowing machine came today.  Which, should be way better than walking in place.

Currently I’m listening to Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie and read by Richard Armitage.  I’m reading Stone of Destiny by Ian Hamilton.

The weekend is creeping up again.  I will work on the serial novel and on the mystery.  I hope to have the party scene done on the mystery this weekend.  I will put together the rowing machine.  And then binge watch mysteries.


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