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22 December 2020

 Writing the section today in my serial novel was tough.  Some days writing are more difficult than others.  I do know however how I want to rewrite this section.  That’s the neat thing about writing three or four page segments, any editing or rewriting will be easier.  And since I’m releasing one segment per week, I will have time for revision.  Although the exercise behind writing this serial is to write something without trying to be perfect.  To write and edit the best I can and then release the story into the world.  Which, is why I decided on a project that resembles pulp fiction.

I got to speak with my best friend from college today.  It had been over a year.  I’m happy that I got to speak with him.  It was great catching up.

I finished listening to Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie.  And then I watched the David Suchet movie as I was interested on how they would adapt the story.  Most of the time the Poirot novels are around seven hours long and the BBC films are an hour and forty-five minutes.  So they have to do stuff to make the story fit in the time frame.  The movie was far different from the movie.  It had most of the same points in the case, but different.

For one, the book had a set of twins.  The movie didn’t.  Which, in the book throws Hastings off.  And whom, I think he marries, though after that his wife never shows up in the stories.  Sometimes, I can figure out the murderer in an Agatha Christie novel based off of which character isn’t secretly in love with another character.

After listening to the book, as in reading The Mysterious Affair at Styles, I decided that Hastings has to be the biggest idiot.  Which was, probably why Christie wrote other characters to help Poirot.  Like Ariadne Oliver, who closely resembles Christie herself.

Currently I’m listening to Sixty-One Nails by Mike Shevdon.  So far it’s mostly dialogue, but then the main character needs to learn about the world of the fae.  Once the characters started moving around Trafalgar Square and the London Underground, the story picked up.  I can’t believe the paperback copy, which I have a copy, is going for $29.99 on Amazon.

Each year, on Christmas Eve, I watch the Pope.  I usually freak out at around 10:35 because one year I though I remember Midnight Mass being on at that time to find out it won’t be on until midnight.  Midnight Mass at the Vatican, with the exception of this year, is held at 9:30pm.  Because nobody there wants to stay up past midnight to do mass.  This year it will be held at 7:30pm due to the pandemic curfew.  One Television station in New York will air it at 11:35pm, which I hope the others follow suit.  Because 11:35pm Eastern time would be 10:35pm Central.  I would like to go to bed at a decent hour on Christmas Eve.

While watching Midnight Mass, I will notice all the eye glasses in the church and think, wow, those must the most expensive eye wear ever.  That is not reason I watch the mass.  I’ll think about my father as we used watch this together.  Fingers crossed it will be shown at a decent hour.


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