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3 December 2020

 Song mood: Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses.

I worked on the new website.  I can take my time.  In this new website I will do a serial novel.  Where I release a three page section once or twice a week.  I will brainstorm a new story based off of the unfinished novella ‘The Radio.’  I like the idea of a guy being transported into a horror film world.  We’ll give him the power to shoot electric bolts.

I would like a website similar to James Wylder.  He is a sci-fi/fantasy writer that I met at a Doctor Who convention in Minneapolis.  He has written a boatload of books.  I have a few of his books.  One I bought at a convention.  The rest are ebooks.  He has a collection of poems about Doctor Who.  Anyway.  He has a collaboration with artists and that is what I admire about his writing and website.

Of course, I would like to collaborate with some artists.  I just need to be able to give something back.

I’m reading Last Stand of Lychford by Paul Cornell.  It was delayed about ten days due to COVID and I think I know why.  I’m finding all sorts gramatical errors.  Like misused words.  What for Why.  That sort of thing.  I think the publishing houses are understaffed.  Which reminds me, I should work on getting another set of eyes for my projects.

I finished A Legacy of Spies by John Le Carré.  The ending was terrible.  Many times in his spy novels, the main character dies.  People don’t like his endings because the hero dies or something like that.  The ending for A Legacy of Spies was anti-climatic.  He built up the tension for it to be just dismissed easily in the end.

Currently I’m listening to Piranesi by Susan Clarke.  It’s not a sequel to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.  But it’s her first book in sixteen years.  She had said she doesn’t write because of her chronic fatigue syndrom.  Nearly all the reviews said Piranesi was confusing.  Many of them said it was confusing in a good way.  I’m thinking it is confusing in a good way.

The reason it’s confusing is because the narrator is in the dark about a lot of things.  He has memory problems he isn’t aware of.  As the story progress we learn why.  So this story, and indeed these kind of stories, is dependent on the reveal.  As long as there is a reveal, the story works.  If there is no reveal, then the reader will feel cheated.

Next up will be For the Sake of the Game edited by Laurie R King.  Which is a collection of Sherlock Holmes mysteries written by contemporary authors.  It was free on Audible.  

After that will be Sixty-one Nails by Mike Shevdon.  It’s an urban fantasy that takes place in the London Underground.  I bought the paperback in 2012, read 50 pages and completely forgot about it.  Then I saw the title on Amazon as a suggestion for an audiobook.  I found the book decided I would rather listen to it.

So this weekend should be about brainstorming story ideas.  Then deciding which stories to write.  One of them will be ‘The Radio’ for the new website.  I think once I’m done with it, I will make a print version with the story free to read on the website.


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