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29 January 2021

  Currently: I feel tired beyond belief.   I have severe joint pain and I have pains in my abdomen.   All of which, has been normal for the past five or six years.   Just not as painful as recent weeks. I’m listening to The Seine by Elaine Sciolino.  I’m a bit thrown off because it doesn’t go in chronological order.  She presents things on points of interest.  So she goes back and forth in time.  Which is kind of confusing when one is used to a presentation that follows time periods. I finished Sixty-one Nails by Mike Shevdon.  It wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t earth shattering writing.  It passed time.  At the end, I wouldn’t mind listening to the sequel.  I forgot the name of it at the moment. I’m reading short stories by Benedict Ashforth.  I really think he is the modern day MR James. I am watching Miss Marple.  It is weird, but they adapted Agatha Christie’s non-sleuth mysteries with Miss Marple.  Like The Pale Horse , which doesn’t have her.  In that novel, the amateur sleuth doe

Regroup 20 January

  I finished my quarantine a few days ago.   Recovering from COVID will take some time.   I need to remind myself of that. Still it was nice walking the short loop of the lake, even though I was winded at the end.  It will snow in the days ahead.  I will work on putting together a small exercise program. The amount of tiredness I feel is significant.  I had felt tired and fatigued before, now it’s even more so. I haven’t wrote in some time.  I need to make a spreadsheet where I log in what I write.  The magic number is 350.  If I write 350 words a day, I should rejoice.  The things I need to work on is brainstorming and story set up. I finished watching the thirteen seasons of Poirot.  Then I moved on to Miss Marple.  Miss Marple is a little different.  On Britbox, they have three actresses of which they have show who played Marple.  On the menu, for the first three seasons, it goes back and forth between two actresses.  From season four on is the third actress. Miss Marple is a