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19 February 2021

 I started writing my Inspector Trevor mystery.  Well, the first one.  The first book will consist of three stories.  I decided to make Trevor a detective in Oxford because I am more familiar with that town.  I spent the last four nights planning the mystery.

The mystery I started before, I didn’t put much detail in the scenes, so I can either use them for another novel or for the novel I had planned.  And Bedfordshire is so small that they don’t have their own detectives, if a serious crime happens, a detective from a different shire does the investigation.

At any rate, I like the story I crafted this week.  I started writing on it last night.

Currently I’m reading The Near Witch by VE Schwab, Agatha Christie’s The Big Four and Benedict Ashforth’s Verona: A Ghost Story (Kindle Single.)  Each are very different in style and genre.  VE Schwab is heavy with detail, which is needed for fantasy.  Agatha Christie has lots of dialogue, which is needed for the mystery.  Ashforth has lots of detail, but he also hones in on what the characters are feeling, which is needed for horror.

Currently I’m listening to Untamed Shores by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.  I like her writing very much.  Though the two books I have listened to are very similar except for genre.  The protagonists in this book and in Mexican Gothic are Catholic girls who want a good education but have a controlling parent that wants them to marry the simpleton shop owner.  Then they stumble on the mystery that will change their lives.  At the end, you hope they escape their controlling parents/boyfriends ect ect.

I discovered Acorn TV.  Basically, all the British mysteries that Britbox doesn’t have are on Acorn.  I did a week free trial to watch the last three episodes of Miss Marple and discovered many more recent mystery shows.

London Kills with Hugo Spear as the Detective Inspector.  It’s fun to watch but highly unrealistic.  Murders in real life are not solved in a day.  Investigations go on for months.  The securing of CCTV can take days.  But still, it’s fun to watch.

Queens of Crime is a really cheesy whodunit that would kind of fit in with a Hallmark mystery.  And to say I watched the two seasons by myself is sort of embarrassing.  It was actually not that bad.  The show kind of reminds me of Lemony Snicket and is darker than any Halmark mystery.

Today’s episode of WandaVision is finally making the whole series a lot clearer.  The first couple of episodes were kind of rough to watch.  Today’s episode was the big payoff.

I started doing Tai Chi.  Just some basic exercises until it gets warmer and after the mud dries up.  In the Spring when it is warmer, I will start learning a form, or a set of movements.  I will also look into belly breathing, which is an important part of Tai Chi.  Also with the breathing issues I have had since recovering from COVID, belly breathing will be useful.


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