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11 March 2021

 Song mood: Inside Out by Eve 6.

Saturday morning, I will be at Lauritzen Gardens to see the Folklore exhibit again.  I think I may go to Louie M’s Burger Lust afterwards as I like to go to that restaurant when I’m in the area.

I’m making more progress on my mystery.  I’m doing the initial interviews that Inspector Trevor makes upon the murder scene.  The book will be in three parts.  Each part will be broken down by date.  Then the scenes will be labeled by numbers so that when the book is read the listener will know there is a new scene.  Like when there is a couple of interviews of suspects, they don’t bleed into each other.

I have fun with mystery, but at times I write a bit slower.

The serial fantasy story, I seem to be writing week by week.  I have fun writing that as well.  It’s a different kind of fun.

So far, I have increased the amount I write.  I have also increased the amount that I exercise.  My three main goals for exercise is to lose weight, have stronger core muscles and to build upper arm strength.

The theme for this month’s poems, if it is a theme, is the poems of Christina Rossetti.  I read her poems and then write some based off the feeling I get from the poem.  I loved reading her Goblin Market in my Victorian Literature class in college.

From what I read on my newsfeed, it seems that the vaccine will be available soon to the general public.  I can’t wait to get my shots.  As for COVID, I think of it like the flu, a very deadly flu, but still like the flu.  Everyone will get it at some point in their lives.  That is why we get vaccinated, so that when we do get it, it won’t be as bad.  Other likenesses to the flu is that it mutates and it’s impossible to know the exact point of origin or where you got it from.

At any rate, it will be nice to go to conferences and conventions again.  I certainly would like to go a Doctor Who convention again.

You don’t see Georgia Tennant (daughter of the Fifth Doctor) as much on social media, well not after the last kid she gave birth to.  I liked her feeds Instagram a lot.  She is an interesting woman.  In an interview, her husband David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) said the thought the idea of dating the daughter of man who played the Fifth Doctor was silly, not to mention their age difference.  But she was persistent.  She stalked him in every way she could and arranged gatherings so he would have to attend.  So that their paths would cross again and again.  Until eventually they dated and got married.  And they seem very happy with each other.  So the moral of the story is, if you want to be happy, you have to be persistant.

So being persistant in writing is the key to success.  It is something that I will aim to do.


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