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St Patrick's Day or 17 March

Song mood: Beautiful Day by U2.

A bit tired today.  I maybe woke up around fourish.  Sometimes I have the fortune of falling back asleep.  This morning I started thinking about character types and just spending time journaling about each type.  The three types I was thinking about was the giver, taker, and the self-made or empowered person.

So I’m taking it easy.  I’ll probably read a bit of a James Scott Bell book and mark down that I did craft study.  This blog post counts as journaling.

I should be working on my mystery or my serial fantasy, but I’m tired.

And so, like the last several years, I stayed home on St Patty’s Day.  There isn’t a real reason to go out.  St Patrick’s Day is religious or family holiday, so why has it been a party holiday in America?  But then there are people who drink a bit during Christmas.

I’ve been eating corned beef for the last two weeks.  Mainly because it’s cheaper around this time of year.

At around the beginning of the 19th century, Irish Americans wanted to do something festive.  Many Irish Americans were poor because they migrated to America during or after the Great Famine.  So they bought what was the cheapest meat at the time: corned beef.  And lots of it for large gatherings with family and friends.  Because the best way to spread cheer is by having large festive dinners.  So it has been tradition in America to have corned beef for the holiday.

The irony is that corned beef is one of the more expensive meats today.  I slow cook corned beef with golden potatoes, which is way more expensive than the regular russet potato, even more ironic.

A tradition I do that not many people understand is not eating meat on Fridays during Lent.  Many people will say: “You’re not Catholic,” or “Since when have you become Catholic?”  The reason I do this tradition is because in Europe from the middle ages until the industrial age, there was a meat shortage.  And so the months after Christmas, meat was scarce.  People ate fish.  So going without meat on Fridays during Lent is a tradition to remind me of what it was like to live in Europe during the meat shortages.

The wedding march popped into my head a few days ago and now I can’t get that song out of my head.  It’s frustrating sometimes.

Tonight, I’ll take an ibuprofen pm.  With luck I will sleep until my alarm goes off.  Then tomorrow I will get some writing done on my projects.  And then I will be in weekend mode.  This week I should shake things up and get some writing done.


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