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The Ides of March or 15 March 2021

 Song mood: Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve.

My progress on my projects is slow.  But I am making progress.  Doing things the pulp fiction way helps.  It helps because I always needed my writing to be perfect.  An idea of the story that I could never quite manage.  Granted I’m not working on the projects I deemed as important.  But in the act of doing, I’m learning how to write the way I want to write.  It doesn’t make too much sense, but it is what it is.

Another thing that aided in my progress is having a sheet to check off what I did each day.  That has helped a lot.  Which is why the list wasn’t all about writing, but exercising as well.  Now I need to tweak my diet a bit more.  I mean not eating as much french fries and cutting down on carbs.

I had my eye exam on Friday.  My sight had changed a bit.  The optician looked at my cheap glasses and told me why it was weird.  Of course I didn’t tell him that after accidentally sitting on a pair of expensive glasses I ordered the ones I have now for a whopping total of $35.  Which is why you can still see the lines on the bifocals.  He also told me that the bifocal part was real low and he didn’t know how I could stand it.  So some measurements were made and my new pairs of glasses will have more useful readers.

I told the optometrist what I wanted for contacts, so he gave me a free sample pack of contact lenses.  I really wouldn’t wear contacts all that much, except every now and then I like to dress up for comic-cons, halloween, ect.  Which, if there were comic-cons to go to, I would be set.

Currently I’m almost done listing to Zip Ono: Buddhist Detective.  It’s not really my cup of tea.  Like the main character swears like a sailor because you wouldn’t expect a Japanese American woman who is buddhist to talk that way.  

The main character is also an SGI Buddhist, which I’m not a huge fan of.  I don’t like them because they try to convert people to their buddhism.  I don’t like it when people try to convert you to their belief systems be it Christianity, Buddhism or Atheism.  People should be free to use their own freewill and practice whatever religion or spiritual beliefs they want.  Anyway.

Next up is The Best Horror of the Year Volume 8 edited by Ellen Datlow.  It will be a nice break from mysteries.  

I want to listen to The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury.  Because that is what my Inspector Trevor is reading in the story I’m writing.  I decided that my detective likes to read sci-fi as his form of escape.

I finished watching Rebus.  A lot of people complained about the guy who played the Inspector in the first season.  Mainly because John Hannah, doesn't look like he fits the part though he has played many English detectives.

Ken Stott who played the Scottish detective for season 2 through 4 is the guy everyone wanted.  They completely changed the cast after the first season.  

In the first season you got the impression that Siobhan was a punk rocker ready to kick some ass who was a part of Rebus’ team but not close to him.  From season 2 on, you had a dainty blonde (Claire Price) play the character who liked to banter with the detective and was more like a sister to him.  A very concerned sister.

So that is me at the moment.  Writing stories of different genres, watching mysteries and listening to horror.  In a week and a half my new glasses will be ready.  As usual, I have stuck to big plastic frames.  I think they make me look like a spook from the sixties.


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