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19 April 2021

Song mood: Fly by Sugar Ray.

I’ve been low energy for the past few days.  Yesterday everything tasted like pumpkin seeds, or bile.

Tonight I was able to get a file from my computer put on phone through dropbox.  However, I’m not yet able to get the changes I made on the phone to sync up on the Scrivener on the computer.  If anything I can export or import the file, which I can do after I made all the changes.  The file is the fantasy novella I wrote last year.  

I figure on some nights when I feel drained of energy, I can just edit.  Which is to say that I read every day anyway.  Editing is just reading and correcting the mistakes.  It’s a process, but this way I can do something even if it isn’t writing.  Though, the more I edit, the easier it will be to generate more ideas and is a task that needs to get done anyway.  I am in the process of refining my process of writing.

I’m also looking through stuff the I’ve written before that wasn’t bad that I can just polish and publish.  Like the Edgar story.  Edgar shows up in the third Milo de Ford book.  Edgar is my zombie bounty hunter.  He was made a into zombie by the Dark Prince.  Who, when I wrote the Edgar story was still a good guy and not a villan.

I haven’t done much of anything in the last couple of days.  My joints ache.  I have sharp pains on the sides of my ribcage.  Which is why I need to get back into learning Tai Chi.  I need to get back to my core workout, I need to get back to my arm workout.  I need to work on getting my strength back.

Christine Falls by Benjamine Black was an excellent book.  I just loved his descriptions.  The book was slightly different from the Gabriel Byrne film.  The scene were Quirke got beat up was a wonderful scene.  It was actually the memory of when he got beat up and Quirke interjects his thoughts about what happened in the memory.  The way the author handled the scene was just perfect.

I’m not sure what I’ll listen to next.  Hopefully the weather is nicer tomorrow and I can go for my walk.

At the moment, I just need to regroup.  Work on my process.  Continue learning.


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