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29 April 2021

 Song mood: Zoo Station by U2.

Things I need to do: 1.) cary around an idea journal. 2.) set some time to do some serious free-writing. 3.) collect ideas that will move the story. Some weeks I find it harder to write, or more specifically work on my projects. I have no problem sitting down and writing this blog for instance. It may be that I put a lot of pressure on myself to produce stuff. Even with the pulp fiction method. I have this need to have perfect writing and that is what stops me. 

Sometime I should just set up my own writer’s retreat. Some place where I just sit down and write for a couple of days. Ideally a in cabin by mountains or ocean. So that I could gaze out at the scenery and then type. It’s been a week since I actually wrote a scene. 

I end up doing more reading. Like I’m finishing Maigret Sets a Trap by Georges Simenon. The Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean) version of the film adaptation of the book follows it close. There were some differences, like the type of woman the serial killer was killing. In the movie they all had dark hair. In the book, all the women were overweight.

Reading books on craft is both good and bad. It’s good that I learn something from them. It’s bad that I get wrapped in them and spend more time reading about how to write than I do writing.

I need to work on rotating tasks. Like for times when I can’t concentrate, writing on this blog. Then when I can concentrate, work on the mystery or on the fantasy series. The mystery, I haven’t worked on for a month now.

I need to set some time for an author study exercise. What you do is take a book by your favorite author, find a paragraph and copy it. Something that you like, that stuck out to you. Like if you were impressed by that author’s description, or that author’s fight scene. Pick a paragraph and copy it out on a notebook with a pencil. A paragraph a day for a month should improve anyone’s writing. By doing that, you get a feel for how that writer writes.

Currently, I’m listening to The Crow Trap by Ann Cleeves. Almost half way through the book and the detective has only appeared in one scene and wasn’t named, nor did the detective speak to any of the characters. The reason I know it was the detective is because the description matches what I have seen on the show. Really, it’s a gutsy move to not introduce the detective of the first novel in the series right away.

Tuesday, I get my second shot. Fingers crossed, it won’t be like the first.

I’m thinking of dressing up like a casual Tony Stark for Free Comic Book Day on August 14th. August could be hot, so I would rather walk around in a Bruce Lee tee-shirt than wear a suit coat dressed as the Doctor. I want to dress up like the Vision, but that’s more of a couple’s cosplay thing. I would need someone to come with me dressing up as the Scarlet Witch.

Once I know more about what events are taking place, I will post my schedule for that day.

Tonight, I will write a paragraph in my serial fantasy novel. I will finish Maigret Sets a Trap. I will work out how I’m going to get past this slump that I’m in. It’s very important that I get some writing done and books out in the market. It’s time to get the show on the road.


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