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18 May 2021

 Song mood: Voices Carry by ‘Till Tuesday.

I’m in zombie mode. There were a few restless nights for various reasons. Then when I do get a good night’s sleep, which for me is seven hours straight, I still feel like crap. Not real conductive for writing creativity. Last night was worse than tonight as I’m only exhausted. Anyway. I’m hoping that I will be able to sleep well the next few nights, but I’m not holding my breath.

The book that will be my birthday book has been released: The Album of Dr. Moreau by Daryle Gregory. I will look for some interesting wrapping paper and put it on a shelf until my birthday. After the snafu of last year, I decided early what the book should be and made sure it would be released in good time. And, today I ordered it.

Now to figure out what I will do for my birthday. I know that I will be in Omaha for FCBD on 14 August. But, what do I do for my birthday itself? I don’t want to do a spendy trip because I want to go to Paris next year. I decided on London and Paris again, but this time I need to find someone special to go with.

So, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. If I stay in Omaha, I think this year I will get a hotel in downtown Omaha. Or maybe a nearby town? Or to KC? Although I’m not huge fan of KC because everything is all spread out. Maybe then I would just get a hotel by Oddly Correct Coffee and take a bus to Boulevard Brewing and take a tour.

My uncle was in town for less than an hour. I missed him because I decided to have fish-n-chips at Shucks. He was on his way home from visiting the Grand Tetons. 

He is a person who is interested in our ancestry. There is a town in Scotland that he wants to go to because it is connected with our family.

I’m not as much interested in ancestry because I’m more interested in the future. What I do know is from stories that both my uncle and father have told me. And by names.

I have had arguments with some cousins on whether Pickell is from Germany or France. It’s the way the surname is pronounced that tells me that it is totally French. Pickell, (Pic-kal), the last syllable kal is a sticking point many in my family. People like to call us Pickle, where many in my family like to say, it’s PicKell (Kal). The pronunciation is French. The wanting to correct the pronunciation is also French.

If it were a German name changed to look more English, from Pickle to Pickell, no one would care about the pronunciation. I pronounce it Pickle for the simple reason that more people would tease me for correcting the pronunciation than for the name itself.

I know that my grandmother was part Irish because of her middle name: Maude. That to me is a very Irish name. In some of the Irish detective series that I watch and listen to, there’s always a Maude. I could be wrong. She didn’t like her middle name, but I would totally name a daughter Maude, if I had a daughter. And the girl would hate me for it.

My great grandfather was first sheriff in the town I grew up in. Annie Oakley shot the buttons off his vest.

Then there is the Ogden family. So I know of one ancestor and how he got the family name. When the King’s men were chasing Oliver Cromwell, my ancestor hid him in a carved out oak tree. When Cromwell took power, he knighted my relative Sir Oak Den or Ogden. Cromwell, a Puritan, was against Anglicans and Catholics alike. So I’m not sure I’m proud of our family’s spot in history.

I think if I were looking for an ideal woman, she would need to be like my grandma Pickell. Smart, sensible and kind. She was a high school teacher. 

She married one of her cousins who happened to be as smart as Einstein. He could recite Shakespeare one minute and Boyle’s law the next. He was a machinist and could make replacement car parts that the car manufacturers couldn’t. 

But my grandmother was such a sensible and kind person. I wish I could have conversations with her now. As I know they would be far different than when I was teenager. I would like to talk to her about the dejavu I have been experiencing and the fascination I have with numbers. Because I know that she wouldn’t see them as odd. She could tell fortunes with any kind of medium that was presented to her. I have a feeling that she would understand what I was telling her and she definitely wouldn’t judge.

So there, there is some of my family history without getting too detailed. It would be cool to meet a woman who is like my Grandmother. Anglican or Catholic or no religion at all, I would be okay with any. I just would like to be in the company of a smart sensible woman. Anyway.

I found the cards I wrote for the fantasy series. I know that some of the story will change, as I change the stories in my mind. This week, I will work on crafting the most basic barebone outlines. I will work on my Tai Chi. I will try and further my practice.  And I will start looking around for my Peter Parker costume.


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