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26 May 2021

 Song mood: I Miss You by blink-182. For what it’s worth, I really do.

I worked on changing my strategy on writing today. I need to change the way I do things.

Balance. I had balance at one point. Balance, not going from one extreme to the next. Not being affect by the actions of others. I will need to work on getting that balance back. So then people could throw hammers at me and I won’t loose my stance.

I did one of the writing exercises that I tell people to do. I copied a paragraph from a book I’m reading into a notebook. Handwritten. It’s a good exercise. If done enough, copying passages from authors that you like, their style is bond to seep in.

My uncle’s death hearing was this week. Him and two other guys were going back to the village. There was a storm, it was a dangerous time to be on boat in the small hours of the morning. The ocean currents were too strong. His body was lost out in the sea in 1998. My mother worked hard to get the hearing in motion.

The marking down on my to do list is just not working. Like I haven’t tracked down what I did for the last couple of weeks. And more importantly I stopped doing what I was tracking.

The new thing that I will try is the daily journal. Where the first part of the page is writing down what I did accomplish. Then the second part of the page will be the thoughts I had in the day. I think if I do this, I can see what I did and then record my thoughts instead of thinking of the story for like ten years. I write it down and if the thoughts fit into what I’m currently writing, then I can expand on what I wrote in the journal.

The other day I was walking around and thought about two projects that I should do. 

One is a book of poetry called ‘Sedna and other Poems.’ The theme of the poems will be about Native Alaska. It will be a chapbook of free verse poems. Which, I’m terrible at. I will dedicate it to my mother.

Two is an Inspector Trevor book. I think this Trevor book will be closer to a thriller than a mystery. One of the main differences between a thriller and a mystery is that thrillers make your heart race. You don’t know if the protagonist will survive or not. Mysteries, you know the protagonist will be fine and at the end of the day, he will be safe drinking a pint beer or glass of whiskey. I will dedicate it to one of my uncles.

I was thinking that my mother and uncle are getting older, I should write projects that I can dedicate to them.

I finally finished reading The Big Four by Agatha Christie. She was all over the place, it was difficult to get into. What I read in one of the reviews was that this written right after her mother had died. Which, would explain why it felt so disconnected as it did.

Currently, I’m reading Maigret’s Dead Man by Georges Simenon. I like Simenon. The Maigret books are the only ones I can buy on the spot. Usually I tell myself that I can’t buy more books until I finish a few books. But I plan to read the whole Maigret series, seventy-five novels in total.

I will finish listening to Bite Sized Offerings edited by W.J. Lundy, probably tomorrow, or Friday. Next up is Maigret Sets a Trap by Georges Simenon. I have already read the book, I just want to listen to it to see if I am pronouncing certain words correctly in my mind. Like names of characters and the words that aren’t translated into English from French.

I didn’t realize that this weekend is Memorial day weekend. If I were in an office, the buzz about the holiday would be floating. I would have worked longer days to not have to work Friday. I would have maybe planned a little trip. I may do a day trip to mark off places on my Nebraska Passport app, but no major trip to watch a baseball game. I should really plan out my birthday. Anyway. Yay for the weekend.


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