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Revenge of the Fifth

 Song mood: Vertigo by U2.

Yesterday, I got my second shot. It wasn’t as bad as the first, but still was terrible. I had some joint pain and still do. The amount of abdominal pain was far less with this shot than the first. All this, is by far less than when I did have covid. I had abdominal pain and joint pain for weeks after.

Sometimes I just need to reboot. The process seems to be taking longer, but probably a shorter time than before. I think I figured out a path for my writing to follow. The key is to set a system of prewriting that is agreeable to me. 

I think if there is an outline to be done, it should only take about twenty minutes. Basically writing down a summary of what you are going to write. From there you write from within the character’s mind. And then maybe write a sentence or paragraph summary of what you are going to write before you write it. You just want a quick overview of what the story is going to be. The longer I spend on this process, the less time I have for writing and I’ve already burnt up a lot of time with this I don’t feel like writing tripe.

Next, I need something to be excited for in the project series. In my fantasy series, it’s going to be a zombie apocalypse. The Dark Prince coming to our world cannot be the main event. My original thoughts for the Marianne novella was going to be political strife and extemist political parties who want to lock up the mods (or mutants in x-man terminology). But decided a zombie apocalypse is a far better story for this series and it introduces the Dark Prince (a necromancer) properly.

Book one of the series, I had slated for the middle of June. I just need to edit it and do all the prepwork for self-publishing.

Book one is the origin story. It takes place in our world. Milo de Ford and Marianne must go through a labyrinth to escape Kurt Grey, the Finder.

Book two Milo finds himself in another world. I’ve modified my ideas on this one. It was supposed to be a Matrix type world, but I think the main antagonists for this book will be cyborg zombies.

Book three Milo is in a steampunk world with the zombie bounty hunter: Edgar Townsend.

Book four is where Milo becomes the champion of the phoenix heart. His guide in that story is the Sun King a.k.a. the father of the Dark Prince.

Book five is the one where Milo fights a chronomancer for the Kronos, which will allow him to manipulate time.

Book six is the zombie apocalypse and Marianne is the hero of the story. She fights off the Dark Prince. Milo shows up in the end.

Book seven, the big book. Here is where Milo fights the Dark Prince with the friends he met in the other worlds. It doesn’t go well and he goes back in time to try and change things.

The story that I have one the website ties into the series but the focus isn’t on Milo de Ford, though he shows up in the end. Currently it’s call ‘the Radio’ and I will rename it ‘The Radio in the Phantom World.’

So that is my fantasy series. I have an idea of where I want the sereis to go. I just need to develop the method of prewriting that will be the driving force to get the series done.

I had the mystery slated for October of this year. It will really be three novellas that are connected. Part one: the murder. Part two: the theft. Part three: the abduction. I have that all plotted out, I just need to get the motivation.

I just need to get the motivation to work on my writing projects. It’s tough to make a name for yourself as a writer, or self-published writer. Which means a lot of effort will be made for something that will not make money. Traditional publishing is similar except you don’t have as much control over what you can do and you still need to do your own promotions. Like if you are published traditionally with a series character, the publishers own that character. They usually put in a non-compete clause stating you can’t go to another publisher or self-publish a book with the same character because that would be in competition with their company.

I just need to keep plugging away. And with hope my writing will someday supliment my income. And maybe someday I will be able to take a Viking cruise with someone special. But until those moments happen, I must push myself to write.


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